The Highpoint Lowlife Radio Show Episode #118

bitcrushingly good new electronics - new material by Sophia Loizou, Sully, Gantz, Khotin, Galcher Lustwerk and a ton more!


  1. Shadow Box by Sophia Loizou on Irregular Territories
  2. Gulf Area by Mechatok on Gulf Area EP (Visit
  3. Digitalis by Sully on UH-01
  4. Pure Imagination (Lo Fi) by Sam Gendel on Pure Imagination (Lo Fi) (Visit
  5. Spooky Action at a Distance by Gantz on Elmo Rehab / Spooky Action at a Distance
  6. Hold by Peter Seligman on Kb-a (Visit
  7. The Folds by Daniel Katinsky on Digital Concrete (Visit
  8. Close Your Eyes (And Feel) by Supreems on Close Your Eyes (And Feel) EP (Visit
  9. Cognitive Load Theory by DJ Stingray on Psyops for Dummies + Purge (Visit
  10. S-Recovery by Jump Source on Homeward (Visit
  11. Spirit Of Da Hauz by DJ Dats on Allowance Trax (Visit
  12. Strange Plant by Khotin on Aloe Drink (Visit
  13. Wristbands by Galcher Lustwerk on 200% GALCHER (Visit
  15. B1. C CREWNECK by FTP UP on Stillicone Night Shift (Visit
  16. Snack ID by Aquarian on Hamburglar Helper / Snack ID
  17. 50 Euro To Break Boost by Skee Mask on ITLP04 Skee Mask - Compro (Visit
  18. Silver Threaded Crystal Beads by Body In The Thames on Introduction (Visit
  19. Total Kontrolz by 8Ball on Total Kontrolz
  20. Shelleys by Via Maris on Shelleys
  21. Latin Trafik by Geiom on Guilt Edge EP (Visit
  22. Discreet (ft. Dimzy) by Sami Baha on Free For All (Visit
  23. Callan-Symanzik by Krypte on CODE997 (Visit