Josh Pollock performs an experimental DJ set as DJ Female Convict Scorpion and talks about the many projects he’s involved in. Enjoy


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  1. I Am A Ghost by DJ Female Convict Scorpion on ISHMAGRAD (CALAR MUSIC) $ Buy
  2. Heaven by The Kilbanes on Weightless (TK) $ Buy
  3. Sea, A Mate by The Lake Millions (-) $ Buy
  4. Antichamber by Emily Jane White (-) $ Buy
  5. Distance by Rabbit Quinn on Painted Fan (-) $ Buy
  6. Chandelier by 3 Leafs (-) $ Buy
  7. Social by Jandek on San Francisco Friday (Corwood) $ Buy
  8. We Are Not Ourselves by Foxtails Brigade on Foxtails Brigade (OIM) $ Buy
  9. Clarence In Wonderland by Daevid Allen's University of Errors, Daevid Allen (-) $ Buy
  10. The Operation by Heat Vision & Jack (-) $ Buy
  11. live DJ set at by DJ Female Convict Scorpion (-) $ Buy