A Thick Mist (August 20, 2018)

This is a sorta special episode of A Thick Mist because I ditch the 100% vinyl format in lieu of 100% not vinyl. And this one only aired on BFF.fm, not WMWM. It’s a fundraiser episode for BFF.fm and just because you’re listening to it after it aired doesn’t mean you can’t support my show and the station in general. Stop by the BFF.fm page for A Thick Mist, click “support this show” and make everyone feel good.

Also, this episode fuckin rules because I played a bunch of my recent favorite stuff that either never got released on vinyl or I just don’t own it. There’s Gemini Sisters, Anna & Elizabeth, Nortt, Feminazgul, Mike Shiflet’s new Tetracosa series, some Dust-To-Digital releases, it’s all here.


  1. The Farmer's Dream by Frank Ferera on Victrola Favorites: Artifacts From Bygone Days (Dust-To-Digital)
  2. Tar by Leechfeast on Neon Crosses (Dry Cough / Rope Or Guillotine)
  3. Satan, Your Kingdom Must Come Down by Sister Fleeta Mitchell And Rev. Willie Mae Eberhart on Art Of Field Recording, Volume One (Dust-To-Digital)
  4. In Midafternoon by Michael Vallera on All Perfect Days (Denovali)
  5. Self-Examination by George E. Caraker on The Understanding And Self-Examination Of Breast Cancer (Folkways)
  6. 09:12:52.21 by Mike Shiflet on Tetracosa, Volume Four (self released)
  7. Jumpin' Judy by Tangle Eye, Fuzzy Red, Hard Hair & Group on Prison Songs - Historical Recordings From Parchman Farm, 1947-1948 - Volume 1: Murderous Home (Rounder)
  8. Shushtari (Iranian) by Hasan Kasa'i on The Silk Road: A Musical Caravan (Masters And Traditions / Minstrels And Lovers) (Folkways)
  9. Tuken Moral Songs by William & Musa on Kenya & Tanzania: Witchcraft & Ritual Music (Nonesuch)
  10. The Miner's Doom by Daniel Walsh on Songs & Ballads Of Anthracite Miners (Library Of Congress)
  11. Duyug Mode On The Agung by Agung Player Of The Basalan Gong Ensemble on Music Of The Magindanao In The Philippines, Vol. 1 & 2 (Folkways)
  12. The Shadow Of Dead Gods by Feminazgul on The Age Of Men Is Over (self released)
  13. Hurricane Shapes by Gemini Sisters on Gemini Sisters (Psychic Troubles)
  14. Farewell To Erin by Anna & Elizabeth on The Invisible Comes To Us (Folkways)
  15. UFO Gamelan by Madi K. Troupe on Night Recordings From Bali (Sublime Frequencies)
  16. Naal by Sandworm on Lordsil (Perished Soil)
  17. Vreden by N on Vreden (Denovali)
  18. Five Days Married by Pente Meres Pantremeni Halkias Brothers Folk Orchestra on Five Days Married & Other Laments: Song And Dance From Northern Greece 1928 -1958 (Angry Mom Archives)
  19. Qqar Kököl Baatar (Luth) by Q. Sesser on Mongolie - Chants Kazakh Et Tradition Épique De L'ouest (Ocora)
  20. Down To The Sea by Linda Watkins on Lullabies & Dream Songs (Mississippi)
  21. Break
  22. Støv For Vinden by Nortt on Endeligt (Avantgarde)