“Waiting Here for Catastrophe”

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It's election night in America, do you know where you votes are? Honestly, Simon and I have found ourselves suckered into bloviating political commentary before and I've somewhat concluded that it makes for our worst radio — who the fuck are we, anyway? And all the more during such a demonically awful time, in an election that could realistically only be a step forward, not a do-over, we kinda felt we'd keep that on the down-low. So, there're some songs, we're not ignoring it, and we absolutely reel of a series of terms in reference to Ted Cruz, because fuck him. But mostly, this weeks show is here to take some respite in music, so I hope you enjoy it for that. — Ben.

This week, Simon's away of course, so Fiona returns to the airwaves with some great picks.

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