transfiguration #74 Fall Feels (tina burner)


  1. Just This by Nick Zammuto & We the Animals on We the Animals (An Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
  2. Rebreather by Forma on Semblance
  3. Selva Lacandona by Joaquim Plossou on Shika Shika Presents: Union
  4. Diário de Silêncio by Troels Hammer on Diário/De/Silêncio
  5. I skyn by Prins Emanuel on Diagonal Musik
  6. Takumi by Felbm on Tape 2
  7. Ediacaran Moonrise by Barry Walker on Diaspora Urkontinent
  8. First Light by Black Merlin on Kosua
  9. Jf Plays Ebows, Sylvain Plays Guitar, Florent Plays Percussion, Thomas Plays Guitar and It Lasts 6:59 by Ensemble 0 on Ensemble 0 Plays Eight Compositions and It Lasts 38:36
  10. LITTLE PRINCE by dj lostboi on GOT LOST
  11. Remembrance by M.D. James on 5 Year Lapse
  12. Through the City by Field Works & Marcus Fischer on Pogue’s Run
  13. Un Regalo by Orquesta De Las Nubes on The Order Of Change
  14. For Twinklr by Haiku Salut on There Is No Elsewhere
  15. Vemod by Raam on Unfinished Diary
  16. Nylon by OCA on Preset Music
  17. Bagieta (Ada Remix) by Piotr Bejnar on Album Remixes
  18. Nariyama Ayagu (feat. 石嶺聡子) [Phil Mison Remix] by Okinawa Delays on Nariyama Ayagu (feat. Satoko Ishimine)
  19. For Otto by BEAST on Ens
  20. Une Meeles by Maarja Nuut & Ruum on Muunduja
  21. Cuantas Cosas Por by Boundary
  22. Limerence by Yves Tumor on When Man Fails You
  23. Fanfare for Shadows by Max Essa on Lanterns
  24. Inikanaue Kaiowá (Original Mix re-Edition) by Pasaje Universo on Ikanaue Kaiowá Remixed
  25. Sueño en Paraguay (El Búho Remix) by Chancha Via Circuito on Tributaries: A Remix Album
  26. I by Bartosz Kruczyński on Selected Media 2016 - 2018
  27. Riverside by Mark Renner on Few Traces
  28. Slow Fade by Casino Versus Japan on Suicide by Sun
  29. Running Naked by Mike Cooper on Tropical Gothic
  30. Plus by System on Plus