FOR THE LOVE OF DISCO | CHIC, Escort, Soul Clap, Jayda G

💃🖤🕺🏿🎇Turn it UP 🎇for this energetic mix & let the love of disco dance you right into a higher level!

Enjoy & share this exciting selection of tracks from beloved disco greats to present-day up-and-comers + some exciting new remixes! (learn more at

Shake it for two hours of non-stop music including tons of new releases like Little Dragon, Escort, Ryan Hemsworth, Soul Clap, a Paul Simon remix, a CHIC some original classics like a 1979 track from Gino Soccio, Bobby Thurston, Fleetwood Mac, and more.

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  1. Le Freak (Oliver Heldens Remix) by Chic, Nile Rodgers, Oliver Heldens on single (Atlantic) $ Buy
  2. I Need You Tonight by Punkin Machine on H-Track Edit Series (H-Track) $ Buy
  3. Josephine by Escort on Josephine (Escort) $ Buy
  4. When We Break by Total Giovanni on single (Dot Dash Recordings) $ Buy
  5. Like A Fool by Crazy P on Walk Dance Talk Sing (Walk Don't Walk Limited) $ Buy
  6. Dancer by Gino Soccio on Outline (Warner Bros. ) $ Buy
  7. This Feeling (feat. Marco McKinnis) by Ryan Hemsworth, Marco McKinnis on Elsewhere (Secret Songs / Last Gang Records) $ Buy
  8. Moov To Tha Beat by Soul Clap on Think Sideways Edits Vol 1 (Reptile Dysfunction) $ Buy
  9. The Love by Bosq, Lucid Paradise on Love and Resistance (Ubiquity Recordings, Inc.) $ Buy
  10. Where Angels Fear To Tread by Disclosure on single (Disclosure) $ Buy
  11. In My House by Little Dragon on Lover Chanting EP (Ninja Tune) $ Buy
  12. Tonight by Cornelius, Amy Nohr, Nicolaj Tuxen on Tonight (Cornelius) $ Buy
  13. Don't Be Afraid by DJ Spen, Ziggy Funk, Gary Hudgins on Transition (Quantize Recordings) $ Buy
  14. I Wanna Win by Jaakko Eino Kalevi on Modern Life (Helmi Levyt) $ Buy
  15. Broke Ain't All Bad - Original Mix by MAM on Broke Ain't All Bad (Outcross Records) $ Buy
  16. That Was Your Mother - Gui Boratto Remix by Paul Simon, Gui Boratto on Graceland - The Remixes (Sony Music Entertainment) $ Buy
  17. Keep It Going by Bobby Thurston on The Main Attraction (Unidisc Music Inc.) $ Buy
  18. Ivoire (feat. Kio Amachree) Austin Ato Remix by Folamour, Kio Amachree, Austin Ato on Re-Interpretations #1 (Classic Music Company) $ Buy
  19. Let Me In Let Me Out by Boombox on Western Voodoo (Boombox) $ Buy
  20. Rishikesh by Jayda G on Jaydaisms (JMG Recordings) $ Buy
  21. Yes, No, Maybe feat. Tom Misch by Detroit Swindle, Tom Misch on High Life (Heist Recordings) $ Buy
  22. Power of Two by Mr Twin Sister on Power of Two (Twin Group) $ Buy
  23. Neutron Dance - Paul Woolford Jolly Roger Rework by Krystal Klear on single (RB Running Back GmbH & Co KG Parlophone Warner) $ Buy