PR080 - New Logo, Who Dis?

Hey, it's our end of the year fundraiser. You really should go to and give us money to keep us on the air, bringing you great music, advice, astrology, and good vibes. For my part, I have new music for you from Audiobooks, The Samps, Molly Nilsson, Jen Champion, and Cobra Man. Hip hop from deM atlaS, Atmosphere, and Shad. Plenty of rock from the likes of Rainer Maria, All Them Witches, Kikagaku Moyo, Thriftys, Protomartyr, and Preoccupations.


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  1. DJ Wiki Ben Theme by Marty Finkel on DJ Wiki Ben Theme (Self-Released) $ Buy
  2. Pontiac 87 by Preoccupations on Telemetry at Howe Bridge (Domino) $ Buy
  3. Dope Cloud by Protomartyr on The Agent Intellect (Domino) $ Buy
  4. Workhorse by All Them Witches on ATW (New West) $ Buy
  5. Even Fiction by Doe on Grow into It (Big Scary Monsters / Topshelf) $ Buy
  6. Always More Often by Rainer Maria on Past Worn Searching (Polyvinyl) $ Buy
  7. Free To Be Or Not To Be You And Me by Cursive on Vitriola (15 Passenger) $ Buy
  8. Venus by Heaters on Suspended Youth (Beyond Beyond is Beyond) $ Buy
  9. Gatherings by Kikagaku Moyo on Masana Temples (Guruguru Brain) $ Buy
  10. Double Down by Slothrust on The Pact (Dangerbird) $ Buy
  11. I'm A Man by Ty Segall on Fudge Sandwich (In The Red) $ Buy
  12. Believe by Dilly Dally on Heaven (Partisan) $ Buy
  13. The Rover by Interpol on Marauder (Matador) $ Buy
  14. A Wonderful Beast by Calvin Johnson on A Wonderful Beast (K Records) $ Buy
  15. '02: Be True To Your Bar by The Magnetic Fields on 50 Song Memoir (Nonesuch) $ Buy
  16. Living A Dream by Peter Bjorn & John on Darker Days (Ingrid) $ Buy
  17. Your Room by Thriftys on Automatic Thought (Self-Released) $ Buy
  18. Sing To Me Candy by Papercuts on Parallel Universe Blues (Slumberland) $ Buy
  19. Fixed Grin by Shop Assistants on Shop Assistants (Chrysalis/4 Men With Beards) $ Buy
  20. Waves by Twist on Distancing (Buzz) $ Buy
  21. Recovery by The Samps on Breakfast (Gloriette) $ Buy
  22. Hot Salt by audiobooks on Now! a minute (Heavenly / [PIAS]) $ Buy
  23. Your Shyness by Molly Nilsson on Twenty Twenty (Night School) $ Buy
  24. Going Nowhere by Jenn Champion on Single Rider (Hardly Art) $ Buy
  25. Chain Reaction by Cobra Man on Toxic Planet (Goner) $ Buy
  26. Gratitude by deM atlaS on Bad Actress (Rhymesayers) $ Buy
  27. Stopwatch by Atmosphere on Mi Vida Local (Rhymesayers) $ Buy
  28. Peace/War by Shad on A Short Story About A War (Secret City) $ Buy
  29. We Want The Airwaves by Shonen Knife on Osaka Ramones (Good Charamel Records) $ Buy