“All Good Things.”

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This time we really mean it. After 227 shows, plus some reruns, this is the very last broadcast of Eclectic Kettle. Recorded live at the end of November, Simon and Ben are in the studio together along with a great many returning cast members and friends. Join us as we recount our favourite Kettle moments, play some of our favourite tracks and acts from the history of the show, reflect on this whole thing, and encourage you to support BFF.fm in our 2018 Fundraiser!

This one is also going out on Christmas Day, so welcome to the first and last Eclectic Kettle Holiday Special, I suppose? Feel free to shake some sleigh bells over the recording. And this show marks the 5th Anniversary of Eclectic Kettle (which we think would've been December 20th.) 5 years! Who'd ever have thought. Thank you to everyone who supported the show, listened, came on as a guest, Tweeted some snark… Simon and I are incredibly grateful to all our friends and family and BFF.fm community who supported making the show.

Settle down in your favourite, snug festive spot by the fire. Have yourself an extra helping of Christmas Pudding. And please, once more with feeling, bask in the chaotic joy of Eclectic Kettle number 228 of 228. The music in this episode is really great, the banter is pretty good. The randos who we put on the air with us are tremendously entertaining too. We only blow out the levels some of the time. It meant a lot to record this, and even editing it for rebroadcast brought back the feelings. I hope you enjoy listening to it again. We love you. Good night.

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