Episode 070 - Stoned & Dethroned

Bobby 3 sticks has Roger Stone in custody. He has indicted Stone on not only knowing about and seeking out Wikileaks but he has given us information that he was directed by Trumpkin's campaign to seek out more. Shutdown over. Trump loses that one too.

Bad week for the evil forces in the Executive branch.

As Bon Scott sang: 'Shot Down in Flames!'

We rock. We resist.



  1. Paranoid by Weezer on The Teal Album
  2. Direct Hit by Art Brut on It's a Bit Complicated
  3. Shot Down in Flames by AC/DC on Highway to Hell (Atlantic)
  4. Into the Groovey by Chic one Youth on The Whitey Album
  5. Birth, School, Work, Death by The Godfathers on Birth, School, Work, Death
  6. Guiding Light by Postwar Glamour Girls on Xxx
  7. Sample and Hold by Neil Young on Trans
  8. Peaches by The Stranglers on xxx
  9. Peppermint Patty by Red Aunts on xxx
  10. Ramones by Loudmouth on xxx
  11. Dream Baby Dream by Suicide on xxx
  12. The National Anthem by Radiohead on Kid A