Episode 50: Denley Hosts

Last year Lil' Zen Ten (aka Citizen Ten, The Zap Tap) did some animations (1,2) to big up Andre Nickatina's album "Pisces" in which him and Mistah F.A.B. share some memories of Mac Dre.  A video for "90-25" was recently released and the animations are in the intro to the video!

So to celebrate that and our 50th episode, Denley kicks the show off with some bay rap.

The Lobetrotters Collective, Inquiring Minds, Beasley's Corner Bodega and Always On Point have a sanctuary for local Bay Area artists called Pocket Buddha, and they recently released a compilation.  Voltaire Slapadelic and Danny G from dubldragon. recently released an EP "Voltaire Slaps a Danny".

Mark Aubert on INTOTHEWOODS.TV's "Car Sick" in 2012.

Alias, Andre Nickatina, Asonic Garcia, Benito,bluezr, Brookfield Duece, Chinese Man, Citizen Ten, Cyberclops, Edgewize, Dopestyle, Drewmin, E-40, Milla, G-Pek & Luke Sick, Go Yama, IDHAZ, Wolf Langis, Denley, Jaji Preme, January & Nordine, Jason The Argonaut, Johnny Venetti, Mac Dre, Maitre D, manicpixelluciddreamgirl, Mark Aubert, Mistah F.A.B., Money Maka, OLASEGUN, On Tilt, Z-Man, Sacred Hoop, Eddie K, OneWerd, Redivider, Romanowski, Aromadozeski Therapy, Shy'an G, Sylvia, The Vapor Caves, Voltaire Slapadelic, Danny G, Yajj, Young D Boyz


  1. My Money Is My Bitch by Young D Boyz on Straight Game (River-T Records)
  2. Not My Job by Mac Dre on The Genie of the Lamp (Sumo/Thizz Entertainment D50)
  3. 90-25 by Andre Nickatina on Pisces (75 Girls Records)
  4. From Now On by Shy'an G on The Reset (Remix Your Life/STE)
  5. Bebe Kids by Money Maka on Bay Bay Kids (Bayby Hair Productions)
  6. Melt by E-40, Milla on Melt (Heavy on the Grind Entertainment)
  7. Still Feelin' It by Mistah F.A.B. on Son of a Pimp, Pt. 2 (Faeva Afta / EMPIRE)
  8. Fact Colossal (Instrumental) by Alias on Forever Is Orchestra (anticon.)
  9. Kennys Groove by Jason The Argonaut on Surface Sounds (Self-Released)
  10. Like a Sonofabitch (explicit) by Citizen Ten on Unreleased
  11. Toxic by Yajj on Oakland Baby (Self-Released)
  12. Foals (Latent Sea Remix) by Sylvia on RATHEA (Deluxe Version) (Self-Released)
  13. Al Powell by G-Pek & Luke Sick on Dankslob II & III (Megakut Records)
  14. Bay Area Talk Bosses by On Tilt, Z-Man, Sacred Hoop, Eddie K on The Tiltalation (QM Music)
  15. Bundled Up by Drewmin on Greatest Hits (Fuzzoscope)
  16. Sherry Baby / Come Bak To Me by Mark Aubert on Fake Island (SICKONASTY)
  17. Peekaboo by Dopestyle on The Little Happy / Fool's Pool (Dirty Version) (Daly City Records)
  18. Can I Kick You by Cyberclops, Edgewize on Pocket Buddha Mixtape (Pocket Buddha)
  19. AMARELO E AZUL by Maitre D on Green... (77 Rise Recordings)
  20. 002 by bluezr on infimus (Self-Released)
  21. The Chase (Dailon Remix) by The Vapor Caves on The Chase (Bounced) (Self-Released)
  22. Buena Vista by Redivider on Lost in The (Mnemonic Dojo)
  23. Pay Up (Instrumental) by Brookfield Duece on America's Orphans (Instrumentals) (Front Page Music // Soulspazm)
  24. Cathedrals by OLASEGUN on JUST A SLICE (Self-Released)
  25. Purple Jagged Slump by January & Nordine on New Genre in Color (Self-Released)
  26. Gnome Blocks by Asonic Garcia on Umaga (SICKONASTY)
  27. newdrum march11 2018 by Benito on Unreleased
  28. Mugen Mind Melt by Go Yama on 2 (Rootnote Collective)
  29. Arrogant by Voltaire Slapadelic, Danny G on Voltaire Slaps a Danny (Self-Released)
  30. Feel That by Jaji Preme (Soundcloud)
  31. Golden Age (Mophono Remix) by Chinese Man on Shikantaza Remix (Chinese Man Records)
  32. Reach For It (feat. D-Wiz, Folklore Legend & Monk Mandino) by Johnny Venetti on Transmissions from the Cannon (Forthcoming) (Self-Released)
  33. Back2 by IDHAZ, Wolf Langis, Denley on Back2 (True Indigo)
  34. Cut by Romanowski, Aromadozeski Therapy on Tiger Bomb Express (Trouser Trout Records)
  35. Overbooked by OneWerd on Pocket Buddha Mixtape (Pocket Buddha)