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Johnny Venetti


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Recent broadcasts featuring Johnny Venetti

  • Denley hosts the 100th and final (for a while) episode of Opal Heights. Thank you to DJ4AM and K'in Sventa for cohosting with me. Thank you…

    Opal Heights 120 mins

  • Alleyes Manifest, Alma Rosae, Almani, Anti Hero 510, Artist, Bafu, CAPE, Cheflee, D-Styles, G.C. Martin, Brant Jackson, GQ, IDHAZ x Bored Lord, Inzerra, Isiaiah McLane, Calioto,…

    Opal Heights

  • Last year Lil' Zen Ten (aka Citizen Ten , The Zap Tap ) did some animations ( 1 , 2 ) to big up Andre Nickatina…

    Opal Heights

  • 4D_, eighty9s, cheflee, ovrkast., k'in sventa, dutchmastered, sela one, QuinnEssential, Lakewood, Asonic Garcia, Astu, Ché, Clyde Shankle, DJ4AM, Denley, E. Live, Eighty9s, Sugar Cane Davis, Elujay,…

    Opal Heights

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