1. Oed by Chain of Flowers on ALERT (Alter)
  2. Windswept (Reprise) by Johnny Jewel on Twin Peaks (Limited Event Series Soundtrack) (Rhino)
  3. Transmission 1 by Samuel Kerridge & Taylor Burch on The Other (Downwards)
  4. Los by Plaid on Polymer (Warp)
  5. Pneumania by E L O N on Pneumania (Left Hand Path)
  6. Zexor by Zomby on Vanta (Bedouin)
  7. E.D.M. Money by Sim Hutchins on E​.​D​.​M. Money (Following Zero)
  8. Agora Sem Brincadeiras by Puto Tito on Carregando A Vida Atrás Das Costas (Príncipe)
  9. On Retinae (East Version) by Dip In The Pool on On Retinae (Music From Memory)
  10. Sitting Down to Boolean Tea by Matt Carlson on The View From Nowhere (Shelter Press)
  11. Body Rushes by Helm on Chemical Flowers (PAN)
  12. In Gold Mills by Rainer Veil on Vanity (Modern Love)
  13. Dwell Time by Kaspi & Stride on Leanings (Soda Gong)
  14. Coastal Trapped Disturbance by Rafael Anton Irisarri on Solastalgia (Room40)
  15. Faith Alone by Vanity Productions on Only The Starts Come Out At Night (Posh Isolation)
  16. How the Universe Is With You by Simulation on Death's Head Speaks (Hausu Mountain)
  17. Three Knocks by Lussuria on Three Knocks (Hospital Productions)
  18. Simian Angel by Oren Ambarchi on Simian Angel (Editions Mego)
  19. Serpentine Mosaic by Kassel Jaeger on Le Lisse et le Strié (Latency)
  20. Coast by Christopher Willits on Sunset (Ghostly)
  21. Shirley To Shirley by Felicia Atkinson on The Flower & The Vessel (Shelter Press)
  22. Passage Under the Mountains by M. Geddes Gendras on I Am The Last of That Green and Warm-Hued World (Hausu Mountain)