Introspective Ramadan Beats with Baqvas

It's Ramadan, so time to get a sense of the inner self -- the inner Baqvas. As usual, music from local artists, from all over, and exclusively made by folks of color.

Abdu Ali - Bandcamp

Middle Eastern rap: hip-hope hooray (DAM article)


Lila Downs Flips Manu Chao’s “Clandestino” Into a Cumbia Protesting US Immigration Policy

The Genre-Defying Rage of Rico Nasty

Wizard Apprentice Gets Real About Emotional Abuse on Their New Album

Toronto Duo LAL Premiere "Losing Myself" Video

Alsarah Wrote a Song for the Sudanese Uprising


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  1. Interlude: To Love? by Abdu Ali on FIYAH​!​!​! (Self Released) $ Buy
  2. EMTA NJAWZAK YAMMA by DAM on BEN HAANA WA MAANA (Cooking Vinyl) $ Buy
  3. Again by Rico Nasty & Kenny Beats on Anger Management (Sugar Trap) $ Buy
  4. Clandestino by Lila Downs on Al Chile (Sony U.S. Latin) $ Buy
  5. Club Smash by Electric Fire Share / Embed Wishlist on EFX (Self Released) $ Buy
  6. I’m Not Always Where My Body Is by Aisha Devi on S​.​L​.​F. (Houndstooth) $ Buy
  7. Chunar (remix) by Bandish Projekt on Single (Self Released) $ Buy
  8. Losing Myself by LAL on Dark Beings (Coax Records) $ Buy
  9. Gloves Are Off by Wizard Apprentice on Dig A Pit (Ratskin Records) $ Buy
  10. Break
  11. Ya Ali by Mekaal Hasan Band on Sampooran (MHB Music) $ Buy
  12. Break
  13. Men Ana by Alsarah on Single (Self Released) $ Buy