Jun 1


  1. Stay Here by The World of Birds on Stay Here (Self Released)
  2. El Último Segundo by Neleonard on Un Lugar Imaginado (Elefant)
  3. Raise You Up by Denitia on Be There EP (Styles Upon Styles)
  4. Too Many Walls by The Black and White Years on Arthur #1 (Scott J Butler)
  5. Easy Raider - Mixed by Pomona Dream on Café Kitsuné Mixed By Pat Lok (Kitsuné Musique)
  6. Le nombre de la bête by Thousand on Le tunnel végétal (Talitres)
  7. Sputnik, Mi Amor by Band À Part on Maravillas De La Ciencia (Elefant)
  8. Lovesong For The Geek by Soda Fountain Rag on Extra Life (Self Released)
  9. She Takes You Under by Kidsmoke on She Takes You Under (Big Indie Records)
  10. Shelley by The Wave Pictures on Look Inside Your Heart (Moshi Moshi)
  11. medicate by Sebadoh on Act Surprised (Dangerbird)
  12. Whitewall by Subtle Pride on Unreleased Demos (IS WAIF)
  13. Red White and Black by Jesca Hoop on Red White and Black (Memphis Industries)
  14. Rain & Prairie Snow by Yohuna on Rain & Prairie Snow (Orchid Tapes)
  15. Painted Memory by Purr on Bad Advice / Painted Memory (Chateau Hardware)
  16. Around You by Free Cake For Every Creature on The Bluest Star (Double Double Whammy)
  17. If I Were You by Claud on If I Were You (Terrible Records)