Louise Episode 17 - air pushed through a tube

Good Morning. This is Louise. Episode 17 - air pushed through a tube

Programmed by Touch Touch Publishing 

with the music of Morton Feldman, and Blondie

and featuring the sounds and voices of 

Louise Bourgeois, Allen Ginsberg, Morton Feldman, Miss Mulatto, 

with ASMR & Binaural beat recordings from the youtube channels of

Good Vibes Youtube Channel, Andreea81, The ASMR Geek, Relaxing Sounds

also featuring sound and dialogue from the John Sayles film, " Brother from Another Planet" 

{ audio file="louise/Louise_Episode_17_320.mp3" title="Louise_Episode_17_320.mp3" }



national suicide prevention lifeline 

remember, your call is confidential and free 




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  1. Piano and String Quartet (1985) by Morton Feldman on Piano and String Quartet (1985) (Reykjavík Midsummer Music) Info $ Buy
  2. Follow Me by Blondie on Autoamerican (Capitol Records Inc.) $ Buy