Episode 089 - Syndicate

Everyone's a Capo. Except for Trump. He's the boss. He's calling the shots. He's the Don. A dimwit with all the power. All the ways to make the world crash. But you, babies, you have stood strong. 520 days from now, pictur ehim leaving the oval office and getting indicted by the Southern District of New York. Visualize it.


You got this Americans.

Keep fighting. Keep resisting.



  1. Bet My Brains by Starcrawler on xxx
  2. Freya by The Sword on xxx
  3. Mean Street by Van Halen on Fair Warning (Warner Brothers)
  4. Lavender Bones by Stand Atlantic on xxx
  5. Cinnamon Girl by Neil Young on xxx
  6. The Great American Death by Youngblood Supercult on xxx
  7. Damaged Goods by Gang of Four on xxx
  8. Banned From the Pubs by Peter & the Test Tube Babies on xxx
  9. Horror Movies by The Bollock Brothers on xxx
  10. No No No by Def Leppard on High N Dry
  11. Frankie’s Girlfriend by Lauren Hubbard on xxx
  12. Killing a Little Time by David Bowie on No Plan - EP (Sony)