Episode #180


  1. Beograd by Sebastian
  2. Permanent Vacation by Ghostland Observatory
  3. Waters of Nazareth x We Are Your Friends x Phantom 2 by Justice
  4. Old Town (feat. Stabfinger) by Fab Samperi
  5. A Night In Torino by Parov Stelar
  6. He Needs Me (Gramophonedzie Remix) by Nina Simone
  7. Wu (The OhOhOhs Acoustic Remix) by The OhOhOhs
  8. Why Don't You Do Right (Suonho Remix) by Bev Lee Harling
  9. Sway (JPOD remix) by Rosemary Clooney
  10. Why Don't You Do Right by Kaeba
  11. Same by Dani Siciliano
  12. About Tonight (feat. Hanna Rifkin & MC Burch) by Msk
  13. Jumbo Rocks by Sicilian AV Project