The Highpoint Lowlife Radio Show Episode #172

ton of great new computer music!


  1. Hidden Centuries by Myriam Bleau on Lumens & Profits (Visit
  2. Entractor by Yakui on Imni (Visit
  3. Mitherer by SDEM on Index Hole
  4. Tre Deuce Ave. Smash & Grab Version by Otto Von Schirach on Odd Jobs (Schematic)
  5. Transport by Sculpture on Tapegrot Vol. 1 (Visit
  6. Idolplex by Isolat Pattern on Trance Venereal / Idolplex (Visit
  7. Freak Acid (ft. Donis) by AceMo on Ace's Acid (Visit
  8. Soviet Clone by DJ Speedsick on Nothing Lasts
  9. SQUARE OFF by Scratchclart on DRMTRK EP (Visit
  10. At Leisure by Reinartz on Interactions (Visit
  11. I by Pooch Karton on Mu/WMSQ (Visit
  12. A2 8 Version 3 by Ecto Mist on Equal (Visit
  13. Fuersieerihn by Wolff Parkinson White on ErSieIhnum (Visit
  14. duȸious d^v^y [prev. only4bleep_mix] by Brainwaltzera on Alepoch EP (Visit
  15. Lean In by Complete Walkthru on Scrolls (Numbers)
  16. Naive Bayes by Luke Lund on Pattern Recognition (Visit
  17. Wreath Products (G#) (05:15) by Jung An Tagen on Proxy States (Visit
  18. RCVR by Akkord on RCVR / XMTR (Visit
  19. Plenty by Lurka on Stay Let's Together
  20. Blighted Apparatus by Philippe Vandal on Umwelt (Visit
  21. Cascade Effect by Barker on Debiasing (Ostgut Ton)
  22. Passages by rRoxymore on Face to Phase (Visit
  23. 9sj9xc by Scld on Feall Beul (Visit
  24. Quantum Leap by YUNGMORPHEUS & Fumitake Tamura on Mazal
  25. Swamped by STAVROGIN on WNCL036 (Visit
  26. IndependentGal by I Jahbar on Inna Duppy SKRS Soundclash
  27. Screwface by Brainkillers on 30 Years Of Rage: Part 3 & 4
  28. Papua New Guinea (Original 12" Mix) by THE FUTURE SOUND OF LONDON on 30 Years Of Rage: Part 3 & 4