Tuff Signals


  1. As Thin as a Thread by Soft Walls on Not as Bad as It Seems (Self Released)
  2. Opposite Sides by Monica LaPlante on Opposite Sides / Tinted Windows (Self Released)
  3. Sound System by The Laurels (Self Released)
  4. Call for You by Priors on Call for You EP (Slovenly Records)
  5. Heart by Daddies on EP 1 (King Pizza Records)
  6. Grains of Salt by Tacocat on This Mess Is a Place (Sub Pop)
  7. I'd Rather Be With Me by Hank Wood and the Hammerheads on HEADS (Self Released)
  8. The Club by Hinds on I Don't Run (Lucky Number)
  9. Want To Be Wanted by Future Punx on The World Is A Mess (Modern Sky Entertainment)
  10. Electric Lady by Wine Lips on Stressor (Self Released)
  11. Dia by Futuro on Habitos Ruins LP (Nada Nada Discos)
  12. Jet Jaguar by Devils Teeth on Jet Jaguar EP (Self Released)
  13. What Did You Say? by Virvon Varvon on Mind Cancer (Girlsville)
  14. In The Morning by Double Grave on Ego Death Dorever (Forged Artifacts)
  15. Coast by The Hussy on Looming (Dirtnap)
  16. Burner by Leggy on Let Me Know Your Moon (Sheer Luck Records)
  17. Sick by Vivian Girls on Memory (Polyvinyl)
  18. Settle by Alluvial Fans on Lag Air (Self Released)
  19. Step Back by The Coathangers on The Devil You Know (Suicide Squeeze)
  20. Club Nites by Dumb on Club Nites (Mint)
  21. So Sick by THICK on THICK (Self Released)
  22. Game Show by Mattiel on Customer Copy (Burger Records)
  23. Xena! by The Exbats on E if for Exbats (Self Released)
  24. Rainbow Shiner by Ex Hex on It's Real (Merge Records)
  25. You Lift Me Up by Deadbeat Beat on How Far (Crystal Palace + Arrowhawk)
  26. Dream Cleaver by Death Valley Girls (Suicide Squeeze)
  27. Crooked Cop by The Ghost Wolves on Crooked Cop EP (Third Man Records)
  28. Happy by UV TV on Happy (deranged records)
  29. Drag Me Out by Necking on Cut Your Teeth (Mint Records)
  30. Your Style by Angie on The Underling (DERO Arcade)
  31. Double Vision by Scrunchies on Stunner (Forged Artifacts)
  32. Path of Totality by Tijuana Panthers on Carpet Denim (Innovative Leisure)
  33. Metal & Glue by POW! on Shift (Castle Face Records)
  34. Chalk Dust by Grayling on Chalk Dusk (61631 Records)
  35. Fog Of Love by Rose City Band on Rose City Band (Self Released)
  36. Disco by Surf Curse on Heaven Surrounds You (Danger Collective Records)