transfiguration #112 soft songs for a soft daze mix (tina burner)


  1. Forgive Me by Philipp Gorbachev on Kolokol
  2. Birch Tree by Strawberry Guy on Taking My Time To Be
  3. Giving Up by Whitney on Forever Turned Around
  4. Dos by Juan Wauters on Introducing Juan Pablo
  5. The Garden by Boa Morte on Before There Was Air
  6. River River by Spirit Fest on River River / Donguri
  7. Soft Glove 1 by Lina Tullgren on Free Cell
  8. Summer by Angel Olsen on All Mirrors
  9. Discreet Channeling by Fly Pan Am on C'est Ça
  10. Dreamin by Twerps on Twerps
  11. Feels by Black Marble on Bigger Than Life
  12. Rush to Spark by Foxes In Fiction on Trillium Killer
  13. LIFE INTERLUDE by dj lostboi
  14. Guess by Ghost Orchard on Bunny
  15. Forever by Night Tapes on Dream Forever In Glorious Stereo
  16. Soon There Will Be No Summer by Fauness on Soon There Will Be No Summer
  17. One Eye Open by Frythm on Syzygy
  18. Butterfly Eyes by Stag Hare on Starlights Gloom
  19. Night Shift by Antenna on Quiet FX
  20. ghostie (feat. Buddy Love) by Seb Wildblood on sketches of transition
  21. Obscuro Obituario by Maria Usbeck on Envejeciendo
  22. Inner Revolution by Free Love on Extreme Dance Anthems
  23. Mirror In The Sky by Peaking Lights on Self Discovery For Social Survival (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
  24. Diane by Sui Zhen on Chill Pill
  25. GR8ISTTHING by LA Vampires Does Cologne on 10 Outta 10
  26. ROMANTIKA by Omma
  27. Rocks (feat. Rebecca & Fiona) [Robert Dietz Bling Bling Mix] by Kornél Kovács on Stockholm Marathon Remixes
  28. Up Close by Roland Tings on Up Close