Transfiguration #113 Halloween Horror Mix (tina burner)


  1. Le Bois de Grasse by Papillon on Cercueil Flottant
  2. Gutter in the Brim by Michael Donnelly on Why So Mute, Fond Lover?
  3. Terbertaktilah Tanah Ini (Blessed Is This Land) by Senyawa on Sujud
  4. Vox Dei by Deafkids on Metaprogramação
  5. El Quilibrio en el Reverso by Madrelarva on Danza de Cuchillos / Sin Remisión
  6. If Not, Not by Black to Comm on Seven Horses For Seven Kings
  7. Temple Tree by oqbqbo on Untitled
  8. The Hermit by Dis Fig on Purge
  9. Wing Flutters by Jtamul
  10. Antropos by We like We & Jacob Kirkegaard
  11. Mundos Soterratos I by Iury Lech on Otra Rumorosa Superficie
  12. Queen Anne's Lace by UCC Harlo & Thijs Geritz on United
  13. Apokalypse by Ben Frost on Dark: Cycle 1
  14. In the Void by Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein on Stranger Things 3
  15. Plague by E B U on Hinge
  16. Molloy (feat. Bianca Scout) by Keru Not Ever on The Wind Of ?
  17. Frontières by franck vigroux on Totem
  18. Faust's Last Song II by Eliza Douglas on Faust
  19. U Are, When U Not Think by Aardvarck on Monkey Formula
  20. I Will Kill You by Bryan Senti on American Dreamer
  21. Manifest by Corin on Manifest
  22. Jeux by Marcus Fjellström on Exercises In Estrangement
  23. Faerie Circus Waltz by Yikii & Dasychira on Bubble Wrap Armor
  24. For(Ever) Zdar by Gilb'R on Lord of the Basics
  25. Marsh Village Psalms by Laura Cannell & Polly Wright on Sing as the Crow Flies
  26. Shine by YATTA on Wahala
  27. Rooftop Gardens by Marja Ahti on Vegetal Negatives
  28. Clock Lust by Only Now on Captivity
  29. The Aureval + the Throne Room by Daniel Pemberton on The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance, Vol. 2
  30. Hatsushimo by Katsunori Sawa on An Enlightenment Manual, Your Consciousness of Truth
  31. A Curse (Remixed by Moss of Aura) by The Body on Remixed
  32. Blood Fountain by Dino Spiluttini on Heaven
  33. Wonder by TESHA on Wonder
  34. Birth by Holly Herndon on PROTO
  35. Heaven Is a Place On Earth by The Newcomer on Inner Being
  36. Radiation Facial (feat. Dylan Walker) by Petbrick on I
  37. TC-377 Poem by Ian William Craig on Thresholder
  38. Tea Forest by Graintable on Universal Ash
  39. Dissension by Dean Hurley on Anthology Resource Vol. II: Philosophy of Beyond
  40. Friendships Like Ships In The Night by Moonbow
  41. Eyes of the Temple (Acoustic) by 2814 on Lost Fragments
  42. Reanimation Music by Marcus Fjellström on Gebrauchsmusik
  43. Arioso ma non troppo by Gianni Marchetti & Nora Orlandi on Vita segreta di una diciottenne (Original motion picture soundtrack)