MIXTAPE: October Sesh

Back at the controls after a month of travels, excited to be back and share with you this fresh selection of tunes

Episode #182


  1. Jozi Street by Nino Msk
  2. Try My Love by S-Tone Inc.
  3. Open Minds by Boca 45
  4. Amor En La Mission (unreleased) by Nino Msk
  5. Senou Menm PAPATEF by Guts
  6. Filho Do Mar by Afrosideral
  7. Craque by Gerardo Frisina
  8. Drop It Like It's Hot by Magic Drum Orchestra
  9. Nolias by James Stewart
  10. Do It Right by The Funk District
  11. Jaas Func Haus (Rahaan remix) by Kapote
  12. Liberate (unreleased) by Italic Disco
  13. Agguato by Black Spuma
  14. Funk Of The Future by Dr Packer
  15. Vacanze D'Estate by Palermo Disco Squad
  16. DD Medley by DD