Nov. 16, 2019: Iceland Airwaves '19 Review 'Mai + Charlie'


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  1. - by Ivan Dorn on Co'n'dorn (Moon Records) $ Buy
  2. Woman at War by Hildur on Woman at War (-) $ Buy
  3. Taking A Part Of Me by JFDR on Taking A Part Of Me (White Sun Records) $ Buy
  4. City Lights by Cell7 on Is Anybody Listening? (-) $ Buy
  5. Into the Dark by Between Mountains on Into the Dark (-) $ Buy
  6. You're So Pretty by FM Belfast on Island Broadcast (-) $ Buy
  7. Úff by GKR on Utras (-) $ Buy
  8. Spillingardans by Hatari on Spillingardans (-) $ Buy
  9. Synir by Kaelan Mikla (-) $ Buy
  10. Brjota Heilann by Krassasig (-) $ Buy
  11. Sermon by Une Misere on Sermon (-) $ Buy
  12. Waterphone by Seabear on single (Morr Music) $ Buy
  13. Sing Wood to Silence by Soley on Endless Summer (Morr Music) $ Buy
  14. 100.000 by Úlfur Úlfur on Tvær Plánetur (-) $ Buy
  15. Dead of Night by Orville Peck on Pony (Sub Pop Records) $ Buy
  16. The Dreamer by Anna of the North on The Dreamer (HUB Recordings) $ Buy
  17. Never Let You Go by Georgia on Seeking Thrills (Domino) $ Buy
  18. You Were The Universe by Stars and Rabbit on Constellation (-) $ Buy
  19. Secretly Hoping You Catch Me Looking by PAVVLA on Secretly Hoping You Catch Me Looking (Seven Hundred Little Records) $ Buy
  20. Gay Girls by Pillow Queens on single (-) $ Buy
  21. Land Before Time by The Holy on Daughter (Playground Music Finland) $ Buy
  22. Dust on Trial by Shame on Songs of Praise (Dead Oceans) $ Buy
  23. Moon Face by Hachiku on Moon Face (-) $ Buy
  24. Southern Nights by Whitney on Light Upon the Lake ( Secretly Canadian) $ Buy
  25. Underwater Record Store by Penelope Isles on Until the Tide Creeps In (Bella Union) $ Buy
  26. Chamber of Reflection by Mac de Marco on Salad Days (Captured Tracks) $ Buy
  27. Fashionista by Chai on PUNK (Sony) $ Buy
  28. Ruins by aYia on aYia (-) $ Buy
  29. Sad Sandra by Baseball Gregg on Vacation (-) $ Buy
  30. Come Home by Pip Blom on Paycheck EP (Persona Non Grata) $ Buy