Mar 28


  1. Eld och arv by Jonathan Johansson on Alla Helveten (Sony Music Sweden AB)
  2. Diary Land by Silver Swans on Forever (Twentyseven Records)
  3. Look Up by Mas Ysa on Look Up (Downtown Records)
  4. Courage by Earthy Babes on Courage (Self Released)
  5. Up in the Business by Dragon Inn 3 on Ghoul School EP (Self Released)
  6. Gregory's Girl by Spaghetti Anywhere on Spaghetti Anywhere (Toy Soldier Records)
  7. Rich Blood by Spanish Prisoners on Gold Fools (Self Released)
  8. Phones Don't Feud by Holiday Shores on Columbus'd the Whim (Two Syllable Records)
  9. Sparrow Song by Acrylics on Lives and Treasure (Friendly Fire Recordings)
  10. Golden Sun by Brown Recluse on Evening Tapestry (Slumberland)
  11. Souls of Gold by Sister Crayon on Bellow (Manimal Vinyl)
  12. She's Bound to Get Hurt by Summer Fiction on Summer Fiction (Self Released)
  13. Farewell by Soda Shop on Farewell (Shelflife)
  14. Ahoy There! by Summerays on Summer Daze (Self Released)
  15. Little Ones by The Buttercream Gang on Little Ones (Pitted)