clementine — 22


  1. The Center Of My Little World by Another Sunny Day on I'm In Love With A Girl Who Doesn't Know I Exist (Sarah)
  2. Surprised by The Sugargliders on Demos & Unreleased (Self Released)
  3. Plastic Cowboy by The Silent Boys on Progression: 1986-1991 (Walrus)
  4. Another One by Twerps on The Twerps (Chapter Music)
  5. Song For a Weekend by Harvey Williams on Rebellion (Sarah)
  6. GV by Sourpatch on Crushin' (Happy Happy Birthday to Me)
  7. Any Place I've Lived by Lilys on A Brief History of Amazing Letdowns (SpinART)
  8. Ayso by #poundsign# on Seven Summers International Pop Volume 2 (Kindercore)
  9. Tracks and Tunnels by The Softies on Winter Pageant (K)
  10. Afloat by Brittle Stars on Brittle Stars (Shelflife)
  11. So Little Deserve by Heavenly on Le Jardin de Heavenly (Sarah)
  12. Gold Mine by Mumbly on Being Earnest (Marsh-Marigold)
  13. You'll Be Laughing by Big Troubles on Romantic Comedy (Slumberland)
  14. The Best Sort of Wishes by The Best Wishes on Seven Summers International Pop Volume 2 (Kindercore)
  15. Crazy Town by Velocity Girl on 1989-1993 - The John Peel Sub-Pop Sessions (Sub Pop)
  16. I Feel Dread by Business of Dreams on Ripe for Anarchy (Slumberland)