clementine — upcoming shows & new tracks 24


  1. Someone New by Smokescreens on Used to Yesterday (Slumberland)
  2. Kathleen Says by Papercuts on Kathleen Says (Slumberland)
  3. N.R.E.A.M. by Business of Dreams on Ripe for Anarchy (Slumberland)
  4. No Good For You by Terry Malts on Killing Time (Slumberland)
  5. Trumpets of Death by Kids on a Crime Spree on We Love You So Bad (Slumberland)
  6. For Your Money by Shopping on Consumer Complaints (Milk)
  7. See Me by Mal Blum on Pity Boy (Don Giovanni)
  8. Diners by Cup of Coffee on Leisure World (Lauren)
  9. Toursong by Baseball Gregg on Calendar (Self-released)
  10. See Ya by The Bilinda Butchers on See Ya (Self Released)
  11. A Thousand Words by Jay Som on A Thousand Words (Polyvinyl)
  12. Cool For A Second by Yumi Zouma on Truth or Consequences (Polyvinyl)
  13. Ice Choir by Windsurf on Designs in Rhythm (Shelflife)
  14. Complainer by Choir Boy on Gathering Swans (Dais)
  15. Linger by No Vacation on Linger (Self Released)