Keeping Fresh with Baqvas

I had a whole show prepped and then Riz Ahmed dropped The Long Goodbye. So basically... we're keeping it super fresh this morning! New tracks throughout the hour that I have found inspiring and captivating -- though not limited to just Riz! So much mindblowing creativity, it's really given me joy to put this set together and I hope you feel it, too.

Riz Ahmed's masterpiece The Long Goodbye

Youtube: Regardless (ft. Robin Dey) by Anik Khan

Saudi Arabian rapper Asayel Slay faces arrest over music video praising women from Mecca

Bandcamp: KG - BBM Remix

Youtube: Yves Tumor - Gospel For A New Century

Premiere: The Political Protest In Emily Afton’s Outspoken “The Veil”

Youtube: Thelma Plum - Better In Blak

Sunny Jain’s Bollywood-Western Odyssey To The Heart Of American Identity


  1. Fast Lava by Riz Ahmed on The Long Goodbye (Mongrel Records)
  2. Regardless (ft. Robin Dey) by Anik Khan (Self Released)
  3. Mecca girl (Bnt mecca) by Asayel Slay (Self Released)
  4. Can I Live by Riz Ahmed on The Long Goodbye (Mongrel Records)
  5. BBM Remix by KG on Sensei EP (Goon Club Allstars)
  6. Gospel For A New Century by Yves Tumor on Heaven To A Tortured Mind (Warp)
  7. We Will Always Love You (ft. Blood Orange) by The Avalanches (Modular Recordings)
  8. Lavendar by REHMA (Self Released)
  9. Better in Blak by Thelma Plum on Better in Blak (Warner)
  10. The Veil by Emily Afton on Consideration (Self Released)
  11. Immigrant Warrior by Sunny Jain on Immigrant Warrior (Smithsonian Folkways)
  12. Where You From by Riz Ahmed on The Long Goodbye (Mongrel Records)