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After a hiatus, I say hey! What's going on? Hoping you are taking care of yourself. Today's show features hella brilliant music with majority of the tracks by people of color, black artists -- artists from the Bay, LA, other parts of the U.S., Canada, the UK, Pakistan, & much more. Some of today's tracks are quiet/slow-flowing, but all of them are powerful and speak volumes. & I think there's something in that -- something we need to feel. 

5 Ways to Show Up for Racial Justice Today

The Rap Report: To George Floyd a.k.a. Big Floyd of the legendary Screwed Up Click

Londrelle Instagram / Linktree

Mastana by Moji Youtube

Little Simz' NME Feature

Kohinoorgasm Bandcamp

Sevdaliza's Joanna Music Video

BlackGirlsAreGod Bandcamp / Venmo

LAL's Bandcamp

DJ/Producer Velaluna

Special Request's Bandcamp

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