Quiet & Powerful with Baqvas

After a hiatus, I say hey! What's going on? Hoping you are taking care of yourself. Today's show features hella brilliant music with majority of the tracks by people of color, black artists -- artists from the Bay, LA, other parts of the U.S., Canada, the UK, Pakistan, & much more. Some of today's tracks are quiet/slow-flowing, but all of them are powerful and speak volumes. & I think there's something in that -- something we need to feel.

5 Ways to Show Up for Racial Justice Today

The Rap Report: To George Floyd a.k.a. Big Floyd of the legendary Screwed Up Click

Londrelle Instagram / Linktree

Mastana by Moji Youtube

Little Simz' NME Feature

Kohinoorgasm Bandcamp

Sevdaliza's Joanna Music Video

BlackGirlsAreGod Bandcamp / Venmo

LAL's Bandcamp

DJ/Producer Velaluna

Special Request's Bandcamp


  1. Summer Daze (Meditation) (feat. Naomi the Goddess) by Londrelle on Feminine Energy (ETERNAL SUNSHINE)
  2. Mastana by Moji (Self Released)
  3. damn right by Little Simz on Drop 6 (AGE 101 MUSIC)
  4. Exhausted by Kohinoorgasm on Exhausted (Self Released)
  5. Joanna by Sevdaliza (Twisted Elegance)
  6. Yes. I am married too. ft. Kohinoorgasm (Quarantine Style) by blackgirlsaregod (Self Released)
  7. Stay Right by LAL on Dark Beings (Self Released)
  8. Violet by Velaluna (Self Released)
  9. Sittin On Top Of The World Freestyle (Big Floyd ft. Chris Ward & AD) by DJ Screw on Chapter 324 (Piranha Records)
  10. I Wish Time Didn't Matter by Special Request (Self Released)