Episode 109 - Calm, Sisters & Brothers

A lot of worry. A lot of pain. But we have to be the calm in the center of this storm, babies. Get info, get knowledge and use it. COVID 19, the response of the orange regime and two, old white guys battling. And rock old and new. Cuz that’s how we do it.



  1. The Critical Beatdown by Body Count on Carnivore (Century Media)
  2. Breeze by The Man on Breeze (Sacred Bones)
  3. Dance Of The Clairvoyants by Pearl Jam on Gigaton (Epic)
  4. Rocks Off by Def Leppard on On Through The Night (Mercury)
  5. Years of Lead by Spectres on Nostalgia (Artoffact)
  6. We Want the Airwaves by Ramones on Pleasant Dreams (Sire)
  7. You’re a Movie by Alice Cooper on Special Forces (Warner)
  8. Going Norway by Girl Band on The Talkies (Rough Trade)
  9. Subterfuge by The Nerv (Nerv)
  10. Wipeout Beat by Alan Vega on Saturn Strip (Elektra)
  11. Voodoo Doll by Soul Asylum on Say What You Will, Clarence... Karl Sold the Truck (Twin/Tone)
  12. Apeman by The Kinks on Muswell Hillbillies (RCA)