Episode 111 - Isolation

Week 1 of isolation and social distancing in the Bay Area, babies. I hope you are staying safe. I hope you are keeping busy and contacting friends and family to make sure our connections keep us sane. Bff.fm will be with you through this whole ordeal.

This WTFU was recorded in the FOXX cave Thursday March 19th.


  1. The Changeling by The Doors on L.A. Woman (Elektra)
  2. We're Desperate by X on The Decline of Western Civilization (Slash)
  3. Journey to the Center of the Mind by The Ramones on Acid Eaters (Chrysalis)
  4. I Don't Like You by Stiff Little Fingers on Nobody's Heroes (Chrysalis)
  5. Blue Tile Fever by Fu Manchu on King of the Road (Mammoth)
  6. Tough Tommy Thompson by Fortress on Fortress (Fortress)
  7. Something to Sell by Martyr Privates on Martyr Privates (Bedroom Suck)
  8. Pop Goes The Weasel by 3rd Bass on xxx
  9. The Seeker by The Who on My Generation
  10. Feels Like a Woman by The Troggs on Archeology (Fontana)
  11. Night City by The Sword on Warpriders (Kemado)
  12. Battery Acid by Queens of the Stone Age on Era Vulgaris (Interscope)
  13. My Generation - Live by Patti Smith on Horses (Legacy Edition) (Sony)
  14. Hairspray Queen by Nirvana on Incesticide (DGC)
  15. Zaratozom by Goblin on Dawn of the Dead (Cinevox)