Episode 115 - DO NOT INJECT LYSOL!

For all that is holy babies.

Don't listen to the idiot in the White House.

Stay put. Ride the storm out. Learn to cook and talk to people when you can. We'll get through this and come out the other side stronger.

Stay informed by scientific sources and reputable authorities.

Keep it here on BFF.fm to help you power through this quarantine.



  1. Camarillo by Fear on Fear (Slash)
  2. Cold Metal by Iggy Pop on Instinct (A&M)
  3. Alphabetland by X on Alphabetland (Fat Possum)
  4. Never Give In by Banton, Pato on Never Give In (Greensleeves)
  5. Discover Your Feet by Student Nurse on Seattle Syndrome Vol 1 (Engram)
  6. Eyes Of A Stranger by Payola$ on No Stranger to Danger (A&M)
  7. Just What I Needed by The Cars on The Cars (Elektra)
  8. Escape by Alice Cooper on Welcome to My Nightmare (Atlantic)
  9. I Dig Go-Go Girls by Cheap Trick on Cheap Trick (Epic)
  10. Statues by Death From Above on Outrage! Is Now (Last Gang)
  11. Wish by Nine Inch Nails on Broken (TVT)
  12. Slugfuckers by Schizo Revolution on Cacophony (Insolito)
  13. Atomic Punk by Van Halen on Van Halen (Warner)
  14. Winning Style by Propellerheads on Decksandrumsandrockandroll (Wall of Sound)