Warm Focus: Farseer


  1. White Islands by Die Verboten on DIE VERBOTEN '2007'
  2. Basique by Little People on Mickey Mouse Operation
  3. Mellowtune by Potatohead People on Mellowtunes EP
  4. Viewing Growth by Botany, Limalo on Oasis of Days
  5. Adrift - Shigeto's "Adrift A Dream" Remix by Tycho on Horizon Line
  6. Zum Greifen Nah by Bersarin Quartett on II
  7. Draft Culture by Dorian Concept on Joined Ends
  8. Bohemian Forest by Pantha du Prince on Black Noise
  9. Prelude by Thrupence on Unfinished Business
  10. Quest by Nosaj Thing on Drift
  11. Ghostwriter by RJD2 on Deadringer
  12. Charles by Beanfield on Beanfield
  13. Drains of the Red Sea by Kyson on Blackstone
  14. Flow & Branch by Keith Kenniff on Branches
  15. Into the Cave / Main Title by The Octopus Project on Kumiko, The Treasure Hunter OST
  16. No Moon, Fallen Stars by 7and5 on Themes for a Grey Day
  17. Looped by Kiasmos on Kiasmos
  18. Gay Sons of Lesbian Mothers by Kaki King
  19. Part 4 by Sixtoo on Jackals and Vipers in Envy of Man
  20. Filmic by Above & Beyond on Group Therapy
  21. Move by Iambic on Move
  22. Strength by Olof Melander on The Path
  23. Avril 14th by Aphex Twin on Drukgs
  24. Indra's Web by Rena Jones on Indra's Web
  25. Echoes by Rena Jones, Ilya Goldberg on Echoes
  26. Natural Cause by Emancipator on Dusk to Dawn
  27. Nakt by Rone on So So So - EP
  28. Nanotrees (Out in the Woods) by Daisuke Tanabe & Kidkanevil on Kidsuke
  29. Passage by Lowercase Noises on Passage