EP. 15 Time Trap

Felt in a time trap, also just might be listening to too much Built to Spill. Hey It's BFF's #GivingTuesday. Like what ya hear? Have a couple bucks to spare towards community radio? It'd be amazing if you donated towards the show and station :D Click this long ass hyperlink :)

Bandcamp hits!

Vacation From Myself


  1. Time Trap by Built To Spill on Keep It Like A Secret (Warner Bros. Records)
  2. Virginia Reel Around the Fountain by The Halo Benders on The Rebels Not In (K Records)
  3. Hysteria by Ceremony on Zoo (Matador)
  4. Quarantine by Ceremony on Zoo (Matador)
  5. What Do You Want Me to Say? by Dismemberment Plan on Emergency & I (DeSoto Records)
  6. Here and Now by Letters to Cleo on Aurora Gory Alice (Giant Records)
  7. Mexican Moon by Concrete Blonde on Mexican Moon (Capital Records)
  8. Cinco De Mayo Shit Show by Mariette on Summer Death (Soft Speak)
  9. You Stay. I Go. No Following by Look Mexico on To Bed To Battle (Look Mexico)
  10. Too Many Fiestas for Rueben by Modest Mouse on Too Many Fiestas for Rueben (Glacial Pace)
  11. Sluttering (May 4th) by Jawbreaker on Dear You (DGC)
  12. Bleach Neat (No More Parties In Chicago) by Typesetter on 5 (Black Numbers)
  13. Cold Brew Coffee by Vacation From Myself on Cold Brew Coffee (Party Cat Records)
  14. Bloodhail by Have A Nice Life on Deathconsciousness (The Flenser)
  15. Corona by Minutemen on Double Nickled on the Dime (SST)
  16. California by EMA on Past Life Martyred Saints (Souterrain Transmissions)
  17. Serve Me Right by Fucked Up on David Comes to Life (Matador)
  18. Indy Kidz by Cage The Elephant on Thank you Happy Birthday (JIVE)
  19. Shake Me Down by Cage The Elephant on Thank you Happy Birthday (JIVE)
  20. The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie by Red Hot Chili Peppers on I'm with You (Warner)
  21. Death Cup by Mom Jeans. on Best Buds (Mom Jeans.)
  22. Adios Turd Nuggets by Lawn Chairs on Avant-Garde Bathroom Art (Slang Church)
  23. Passion Fruit Tea by Retirement Party on Somwhat Literate (Counter Intuitive Records)
  24. Rotting Pinata by Sponge on Rotting Pinata (Sony)
  25. Step Back by Rainville on Step Back (Twin Peaks Sessions)
  26. Off Time by OL' SPORT on Good Grief (OL' SPORT)
  27. Hibernating by The Happys on Trippin
  28. Human Condition by Great Grandpa on Four Of Arrows (Double Double Whammy)
  29. Mostly Here by Great Grandpa on Four Of Arrows (Double Double Whammy)