BwGN AM Mixtape #128 – The (seventh) one while Loose Canon Listening Club is on hiatus

A companion to last week's mixtape: No words. Just music. Thanks for listening.

The Loose Canon Listening Club will return...


  1. Orbit by Daniel Wohl on État (New Amsterdam/Nonesuch)
  2. Nighttime Birds and Morning Stars by Sarah Louise on Nighttime Birds and Morning Stars (Thrill Jockey)
  3. La Ballade d'Alain Georges by The Dead Texan on The Dead Texan (Kranky)
  4. Reprise by This Will Destroy You on Tunnel Blanket (Suicide Squeeze)
  5. Seeing More by Areni Agbabian on Bloom (ECM)
  6. Dream Pauline by Kelly Moran on Optimist (
  7. Goodbye Enemy Airship by Do Make Say Think on Goodbye Enemy Airship The Landlord Is Dead (Constellation)
  8. August by Majel Connery (feat. Oracle Hysterical) on Anything Chartreuse (
  9. Who are You by Molly Joyce on Breaking and Entering (New Amsterdam)
  10. RESPECT by Religious Girls on PURE ENERGY (Porch Party)
  11. Quiet: Pt. 5 – Anthem by Methods Body on Methods Body (New Amsterdam)
  12. No Land by Buke and Gase on Scholars (Brassland)
  13. Broken Heartbeats Gathered And Rebroadcast by The Cancer Conspiracy on The Audio Medium (Big Wheel Recreation)
  14. I Picked You Up by Bec Plexus on Sticklip (New Amsterdam)
  15. Build with Erosion by The Berg Sans Nipple on Build With Erosion (Team Love)
  16. Paramour by Anna Meredith on FIBS (Moshi Moshi)
  17. Kid You'll Move Mountains by Caribou on Up In Flames (The Leaf Label Ltd)
  18. To Feel Your Best by Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith on The Kid (Western Vinyl)
  19. These Are The Armies Of The Tyrannized by Kaki King on ...Until We Felt Red (Velour)
  20. Charybdis by Covet on Currents (
  21. Titan by The Physics House Band on Horizons / Rapture (Unearthly Vision)
  22. A Super Hero Anthem by Torngat on You Could Be (Alien8)
  23. The Upwards March by Bell Orchestre on Recording A Tape The Colour Of The Light (Rough Trade)
  24. Oh, Command Me Lord ! by Gwenifer Raymond on You Never Were Much Of A Dancer (Tompkins Square)