Rude Awakening 096: Unity in the face of Racism

Happy Juneteenth!

This week I have a special episode based around the tenets of anti racism and protest that are core to the ideology behind ska and punk music. Not to delve too far into the history of ska but the music is rooted in the protest of oppression in Jamaica and that carried into the second wave as working class British from both the black and white communities banded together to battle against unfair labor practices, right wing governmental policies and a rising Neo nazi movement. As two tone Brought elements of ska into punk, this inspired a new generation of musicians in America in the late 80’s into the 90’s as racial tensions rose and many bands that founded the third wave movement drew on the anti-racist agenda of their forerunners.

As a white person, it’s been difficult to know what to say and do in the current crisis in our country. From a personal angle, I’ve always found it best to listen to those around me who are expressing what they feel needs to be done. In that spirit, I will be playing all songs dealing with anti-racist and anti-authoritarian themes and they will be from bands of black, multicultural and multiracial backgrounds. I’d like to let the music speak for itself today so I will not be cutting in with the normal talk breaks. Remember to listen, really hear, those around us telling us what needs to change. We all deserve dignity and safety and the freedom to pursue what we believe in. I’ll leave some relevant links in the show notes if you’re looking for a way to contribute to meaningful causes around the country and in our local Bay Area community. Thanks for listening and be sure to visit if you’d like to contribute to the station which is a vital resource in our music community and supports many bands, DJ’s and artists of color. Black Lives Matter. Thanks! Enjoy the tunes!

Philly Anarchist Black Cross

Bay Area Council Resources for Social Justice

Reclaim The Block

Black Visions Collective

Minnesota Freedom Fund

A NY Magazine Article with 137 resources linked


She Shreds Raffle for Social Justice

The Bail Project


  1. Unity by Operation Ivy on Operation Ivy (Epitaph)
  2. Generation by Pilfers on Pilfers
  3. Let's Face It by The Mighty Mighty Bosstones on Let's Face It (The Island Def Jam Music Group)
  4. B.L.M. by The Specials on Encore (Deluxe)
  5. Doors Of Your Heart by The English Beat on Wha'ppen?
  6. Do The Politicians by Bruce Lee Band on Everything Will Be Alright, My Friend (Asian Man Records)
  7. Trace The Morning Time by The Chinkees on K.A. Music (Asian Man Records)
  8. Subliminal Fascism by Fishbone on Truth and Soul (Sony)
  9. Big in the Body, Small in the Mind by The Selecter on Made in Britain (Vocaphone)
  10. Racist Friend by The Specials on The Specials (2Tone)
  11. KKK Highway by MU330 on Ultra Panic (Asian Man Records)
  12. From the Fire to the Frying Pan by Sonic Boom Six on The F-Bomb (Rebel Alliance Recordings)
  13. We've Got The Power, We've Got The Money by The Bruce Lee Band on Everything Will Be Alright, My Friend (Asian Man Records)
  14. We Shall Overcome by Laurel Aitken on The Pioneer of Jamaican Music (ACL)
  15. Oppressor by J Navarro & the Traitors on Criminals & Lions
  16. Bully in Blue by Suicide Machines on Revolution Spring (Fat Wreck Chords)
  17. Racist World by Skankin' Pickle on Skafunkrastapunk (Dill Records)
  18. Two Swords by The English Beat on I Just Can't Stop It (Shout! Factory)
  19. Two Cups of Tea by Star Fucking Hipsters on Until We're Dead (Fat Wreck Chords)
  20. Divide Us by The Interrupters on Say It Out Loud (Hellcat Records)
  21. Not My Friend by Grey Matter on Climbing Out (Bad Time Records)
  22. Your Racist Friend by They Might Be Giants on Flood (Elektra Entertainment)
  23. April 29, 1992 (Miami) by Sublime on Sublime (Geffen)
  24. Nazi White Trash by Leftover Crack on Mediocre Generica
  25. Nazi Punchers by Millennial Falcon on Hikikomori (Fake Publishing Millionaires)
  26. Enemy of the System by The Toasters on Enemy of the System (Asian Man Records)
  27. Show No Fear by Pilfers on Pilfers
  28. Feed My Girl by The Slackers on The Question (Hellcat)
  29. Illegal Left by The Mighty Mighty Bosstones on Don't Know How To Party (The Island Def Jam)
  30. One Dead Cop by Leftover Crack on Fuck World Trade
  31. Ruder Than You by The Bodysnatchers on Let's Do Rocksteady (Chrysalis)
  32. It's Not Property, It's Life by Los Skagaleros on L@s Skagaler@s
  33. Get Your Riot Gear by Five Iron Frenzy on Quantity is Job 1 (5 Minute Walk)
  34. Public Enemy #1 by Stray Bullets on Ghost Town Riders (Dying Scene Records)
  35. Piggy in the Middle by Sonic Boom Six on Rude Awakening (Rebel Alliance Recordings)
  36. Racist Copper by King Prawn on Fried in London (Cherry Red)
  37. Police State by Fear Nothing Band on Yardcore (Bodog)
  38. Officer Down by Stuck Lucky on Possum Soul