1. Big Sound by I'm Glad It's You on Every Sun, Every Moon (6131)
  2. Big Feelings by Worriers on You or Someone You Know (6131)
  3. Teacher's Pet by Melody on Teacher's Pet (Lauren)
  4. Doom by Charmer on Ivy (No Sleep)
  5. Mr. Albatross by Bob Nanna on Celebration States (New Granada)
  6. Lucky Strikes Out by Upset on Upset (Lauren)
  7. But Don't Leave Me by L'Resorts on Bad Love (Self-Released)
  8. Country Church by Holy Motors on Horse (Wharf Cat)
  9. Hunger for a Way Out by Sweeping Promises on Hunger for a Way Out (Feel It)
  10. Tijuana Mushroom (Driving on LSD) by Healing Gems on Fiesta Pack (Mock)
  11. On Fire by Lucy and the Rats on Got Lucky (Dirty Water)
  12. Me and My Fat Ass Friends by Arre! Arre! on Heavy Breathing EP (PNKSLM)
  13. The North by Vintage Crop on Serve to Serve Again (Upset the Rhythm!)
  14. One Good Day by Control Top on One Good Day (Self-Released)
  15. Modern Business Hymns by Protomartyr on Ultimate Success Today (Domino)
  16. El Poño by The Cowboy on Feel the Chi Releasing from You (Feel It)
  17. Expert Advice by Shopping on All or Nothing (FatCat)
  18. Bug Song by Stuck on Change Is Bad (born yesterday)
  19. Goodbaddog by Wet Fruit on Wet Fruit (Halfshell)
  20. Mind's A Mystery (outtake) by Pearl Charles on Between Dreams (Kanine)
  21. Global Warning by Gloria on Summer Sampler #7 (Free Download) (Howlin' Banana)
  22. Still Life by eGgs on Summer Sampler #7 (Free Download) (Howlin' Banana)
  23. Habit by The Velvet Hands on The Party's Over (Zen Ten)
  24. free ppls by Illuminati Hotties on FREE I​.​H: This Is Not the One You've Been Waiting For (Self-Released)
  25. I'm Free by King Tuff (Sub Pop)
  26. Ghost by OHMME on Fantasize Your Ghost (Joyful Noise)
  27. Toothache by Suzie True on Saddest Girl at the Party (Buzz)
  28. Colze a colze by Accidente on Caníbal (Self-Released)
  29. Graveyard Orbit by ANXIOUS LIVING on ANXIOUS LIVING EP (Let's Pretend)
  30. Ruins by Constant Insult on History in Shorthand (Let's Pretend)
  31. Blurred Visions by Chemtrails on The Peculiar Smell of the Inevitable (PNKSLM)
  32. Garden Song by Cry Out on More Echoes of a Question Never Answered​.​.​. Why? (La Vida es un Mus)
  33. Burn by Hinds on The Prettiest Curse (Self-Released)
  34. Not a Holiday by Cult Babies on Not a Holiday (Self-Released)
  35. Tomorrow by Hank Wood and the Hammerheads (Self-Released)
  36. Crooner Steel by Real Tears on Hay Fever (Alien Snatch!)
  37. No Home Planet by Scrunchies on No Home Planet (single) (Self-Released)