1. Stargazer by Church on Unanswered Hymns (Transilvanian Tapes)
  2. Goes Without Saying by Dove on Dove (Self Released)
  3. Crowskin by Cattlepress on Hordes to Abolish the Divine (Hydrahead Records)
  4. I Video Tape Your Diet by Pig Heart Transplant on Hope You Enjoy Heaven (Sweat Lung Records)
  5. Night Full of Kicks by Floor on Floor (No Idea Records)
  6. The Unwanted Child by His Hero is Gone on Monuments to Thieves (Prank Records)
  7. 777 by Keeper on Keeper / Sea Bastard Split (Dry Cough Records / Black Reaper Records / Medusa Crush Recordings / Tadpole Records / Mosh Tunage / F.H.E.D.)
  8. Troll by Thorr's Hammer on Dommedagsnatt (Southern Lord Records)
  9. Earthworm by Grief on Come to Grief (Century Media Records)
  10. Hemp for Victory by Bongzilla on Nuggets (Barbarian Records)
  11. Tarpit Carnivore by Torche on In Return (Robotic Empire)
  12. Dianoga by Noothgrush on Embraced by the Anti-Self (Slap a Ham Records)
  13. Rat Stuffed with Spam by Towers on Towers Demo (Self Released)
  14. Diabetic Feet by Kowloon Walled City on Gambling on the Richter Scale (The Perpetual Motion Machine)
  15. La Victimia Es Tu Mismo by Corrupted (View Beyond Records)
  16. Sabbath Bloody Sabbath by Black Sabbath on Sabbath Bloody Sabbath (WWA Records)
  17. Warning Signs by Burning Witch on Crippled Lucifer (Seven Psalms for Our Lord of Light) (Southern Lord)
  18. Barbarian by Electric Wizard on Dopethrone (Rise Above Records)