1. One Beer by MF Doom on Mmfood
  2. The Doorway by Neurosis on Times of Grace (Relapse Records)
  3. Fulfill the Curse by Hooded Menace on Fulfill the Curse (Doomentia Records)
  4. This Has Always Been by Lament Cityscape on The First Son of The Final Son (Self Released)
  5. And the Sea Gave Us Its Dead by Cattlepress on Hordes to Abolish the Divine (Hydrahead Records)
  6. Confession by Graves at Sea on Graves at Sea / Sourvein Split (Seventh Rule Recordings)
  7. Sleep by Dystopia on Dystopia / Grief Split (Life is Abuse / Misanthropic Records)
  8. Wielding Strength by Brainoil on Brainoil (Life is Abuse)
  9. Crotalus Horridus Horridus by Serpentine Path on Serpentine Path (Relapse Records)
  10. Maniaxe by Ghoul on Maniaxe (Tankcrimes)
  11. Slit Your Guts by Cryptopsy on None So Vile (Displeased Records)
  12. When Satan Rules His World by Deicide on Once Upon the Cross (Roadrunner Records)
  13. Terror Gland by Fabricant on Terror Gland (Self Released)
  14. Orc Summer by Connoisseur on Connoisseur / Dead Pressure Split (Hashcrimes)
  15. The Sixteenth Six-Tooth Son of Fourteen Four Regional Dimensions by Demilich on Nespithe (Pavement Music)
  16. Enthralled in Essence by Atheist on Unquestionable Presence (Death Records)
  17. From Wisdom to Hate by Gorguts on From Wisdom to Hate (Olympic Records)
  18. Cryptosporidium by Cephalic Carnage on Exploiting Dysfunction (Relapse Records)
  19. Ripped to Shreds by Horrendous on The Chills (Dark Descent)
  20. Thrones of Blood by Suffocation on Pierced from Within (Roadrunner Records)
  21. Break
  22. Limb From Limb by Exhumed on Gore Metal (Relapse Records)
  23. Break
  24. A Mansion In Darkness by King Diamond on Abigail (All Blacks B.V.)