Jul. 25, 2020: Icelandic Music 'Mai + Charlie'

Monthly Icelandic music show.


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  1. Draumaprisinn by JFDR on Agnes Joy (White Sun) $ Buy
  2. Enginn eins og þú by Auður on Enginn eins og þú (Self Released) $ Buy
  3. B.O.B.A. by JoiPe & Kroli on single (Self Released) $ Buy
  4. Bróðir by Úlfur Úlfur on Hefnid okkar (Alda Music) $ Buy
  5. Siblings by Oyama on Coolboy (12 Tonar) $ Buy
  6. Virgin Eyes by Wesen on Wall of Pain (Hidden Trail) $ Buy
  7. New Year by FM Belfast on Don't Want To Sleep (Record) $ Buy
  8. One Thing by Pascal Pinon on Twosomeness (Morr Music) $ Buy
  9. I'll Drown by Sóley on We Sink (Morr Music) $ Buy
  10. Waterphone by Seabear on single (Morr Music) $ Buy
  11. Forever Love by Kristín Anna on I Must Be The Devil (Bel Air Glamour Records / The Vinyl Factory) $ Buy
  12. Birds of Paradise by Milkywhale on Milkywhale (Record) $ Buy
  13. Fuck With Someone Else by Gangly on GANGLY (Self Released) $ Buy
  14. Into the Dark by Between Mountains on Into the Dark (Alda Music) $ Buy
  15. Unlovable by Glowie on Unlovable (Columbia) $ Buy
  16. Before by Vök on Tension (Nettwerk) $ Buy
  17. Color Decay by Júníus Meyvant on Floating Harmonies (Record) $ Buy
  18. Friends Make Garbage, Good Friends Take It Out by Low Roar on Low Roar (Tonequake) $ Buy
  19. We Have A Map Of The Piano by Múm on Finally We Are No One (Morr Music) $ Buy
  20. Lost Girls ft. JFDR by Sin Fang on single (Morr Music) $ Buy
  21. Nothing More by GYDA on Evolution (Figureight) $ Buy
  22. City Lights by Cell7 on Is Anybody Listening? (Self Released) $ Buy
  23. Woman at War by Hildur on Woman at War (Self Released) $ Buy
  24. I Reykjavikurborg by Hermigervill on Leikur Fleiri Íslenzk Lög (Kimi) $ Buy
  25. Hvítur tígur (feat. Helgi Sæmundur & Kjartan Lauritzen) by Arnar Úlfur on Hasarlífsstíll (Sony) $ Buy
  26. Tenderloin by Tilbury on Exorcise (Record) $ Buy
  27. Hlýtt í hjartanu (feat. JóiPé) by Krassasig on Hlýtt í hjartanu (Self Released) $ Buy
  28. Sunny Road by Emiliani Torrini on Fisherman's Woman (Rough Trade) $ Buy
  29. Sports by Fufanu on Sports (One Little Indian) $ Buy
  30. París Norðursins by Prins Póló on París Norðursins (Skakkapopp) $ Buy
  31. Underwear by FM Belfast on How to Make Friends (Kimi) $ Buy