BwGN AM Mixtape #136 – The (15th) one while Loose Canon Listening Club is on hiatus

A mixtape for these unpredictable days of summer here in San Francisco, where, in the past week, we've gone from cool fog to humid heatwave, from freak lightning storms to hazy smog. This week's episode includes new and recent music by Kassel Jaeger, FRKTL, Brief Candles, Ringo Deathstarr, Madeline Kenney, Zelma Stone, Fake Eyes, Sour Widows, Hum, and Boris.

The Loose Canon Listening Club will return...


  1. Fog Constellation (approaching) by Kassel Jaeger on Swamps / Things (Shelter Press)
  2. Eigenspace by FRKTL on Excision After Love Collapses (self released)
  3. BURST by Rituals of Mine on SLEEPER HOLD EP (Carpark)
  4. Alone by Blue Daisy (feat. Connie Constance) on Darker Than Blue (R&S)
  5. Psyche by Massive Attack (feat. Martina Topley-Bird) on Heligoland (Virgin)
  6. MUDDY by Jamila Woods on LEGACY! LEGACY! (Jagjaguwar)
  7. A Trace by Brief Candles on Dimmer / A Trace (Somewherecold)
  8. Gazin' by Ringo Deathstarr on Ringo Deathstarr (Club AC30)
  9. Beside by Trementina on Almost Reach The Sun (self released)
  10. Breathe Low & Deep by Teen on The Way And Color (Carpark)
  11. CUT THE REAL by Madeline Kenney on Sucker's Lunch (Carpark)
  12. We're All Gonna Die by Zelma Stone on Dreamland EP (self released)
  13. It Will Appear As Such by FAKE EYES on A Drip Is All We Know EP (New Morality Zine)
  14. Hotel by Miserable on Loverboy / Dog Days (Sargent House)
  15. Lipstick Prick by Lazy Legs on Lazy Legs EP (Wild Patterns)
  16. Mauve by San Francesca on The Ghost and the Waves (self released)
  17. Perish by Brooke Waggoner on Originator (Swoon Moon)
  18. The Valleys by Electrelane on The Power Out (Too Pure)
  19. Low Doser by Sour Widows on Sour Widows EP (self released)
  20. Cloud City by Hum on Inlet (Polyvinyl)
  21. Big Riff by Cave In on Jupiter (Hydra Head)
  22. Ogun's Fight by Vodun on Ascend (New Heavy Sounds)
  23. Anti-Gone by Boris on NO (self released)
  24. (One Less Thing) Before I Die by Death Valley Girls on Darkness Rains (Suicide Squeeze)
  25. At The Bottom by Samiam on Billy (New Red Archives)
  26. Green Apple by Poncho on Poncho EP (Failed Orbit)