Episode 97: Solidarity Records and Bored Stiff Tribute

Bored Stiff (aka B.S. or The Stiff) was formed in 1992 in the Fillmore / Lower Haight Street area of San Francisco. Its members include Equipto, Big Shawn, TD Camp, Mint Rock, White Mic (Brussel Sprouts), Dubstar (Rick Flare), P-Way, Ike Plump, Julz, and more.  They released two classic EPs, "Explainin” in 1995, & "Timeless"in 1997.  Member JoJo White was tragically killed in 1996.  After releasing "Ghetto Research" in 2001, the albums that followed ("From The Ground Up" , "The Sad Truth" , & "Now more than Ever") featured a revolving roster of the core members but they have always valued strong stage presence, dope beats & fun, energetic, conscious lyrics about everyday life.  Many of Bored Stiff's members have released solo material since 2009.

Dregs one is directing a documentary about the group entitled "Sounds Like My Life"

Bored Stiff (bandcamp / facebook)

Solidarity Records was started in the 90s and reformed by Equipto and has released music from Bored Stiff and its members as well as many other Bay Area Hip-Hop artists.

Solidarity Records (bandcamp / facebook / instagram)


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  1. Yes Yes Yes by Hippy Mob on Yes Yes Yes - Single (Solidarity Records) Local $ Buy
  2. Philips by Bean One on Beat Scientific / Instrumental Album (Solidarity Records) Local $ Buy
  3. Bonus by Aukwin on The Aukthentic Album (Solidarity Records) Local $ Buy
  4. Monster Marathon by Solidarity Records on Monster Marathon (Solidarity Records) Local $ Buy
  5. RIZE & FALL (feat. White Mic & Equipto) by Agentstrik9 on Word Sound Power (Solidarity Records) Local $ Buy
  6. I Know by TD Camp on SoundWave Sanctuary / Instrumental Album (Solidarity Records) Local $ Buy
  7. The Tree by The Peoples Tree on Treedom EP (Solidarity Records) Local $ Buy
  8. Explainin by BORED STIFF on Explainin (Hella Records) Local $ Buy
  9. Champagne Room (feat. Berner & J. Stalin) by Equipto on Champagne Room (feat. Berner & J. Stalin) - Single (Solidarity Records) Local $ Buy
  10. Recess by Sinestro Enigma on The Gold Standard Vol One Loud Noise (Solidarity Records) Local $ Buy
  11. Frisco Funk by Equipto on The Upkeep (Solidarity Records) Local $ Buy
  12. Deadline by Equipto, P.W.Esquire & F.D.O.G on Solid Mixtape Vol. 1 (Solidarity Records) Local $ Buy
  13. I wanna be Happy (feat. Mike Marshall) by BORED STIFF on I wanna be Happy (feat. Mike Marshall) - Single (Self-Released) Local $ Buy
  14. Posta Sound by BORED STIFF on Now More Than Ever (Self-Released) Local $ Buy
  15. Change (feat. Dubstar) by Mint Rock on Mint Rock (The City Records, Rockavelli Publishing) Local $ Buy
  16. Home Base by Professor X on What We Love / Instrumental Album (Solidarity Records) Local $ Buy
  17. Off the Pacific (feat. Casual & San Quinn) by TD Camp on Face to Face (Hella Records) Local $ Buy
  18. If it wasn't for the love by BORED STIFF on Rethink Everything (Compilation Presented by Brussel Sprouts) (Self-Released) Local $ Buy
  19. Uni-verse (feat. PW Esquire) by Big Shawn on Spaceship Music (Self-Released) Local $ Buy
  20. S.F Minds by P.W. Esquire on The Real High Life (Solidarity Records) Local $ Buy
  21. Livin Right (feat. Z-Man & Otayo Dubb) by BORED STIFF on From The Ground Up (Hella Records) Local $ Buy
  22. Spittin' by Equipto, Z-Man, Opio & Tabb Doe on Profound Compilation (Solidarity Records) Local $ Buy
  23. Smoke Filled Remicks - Aukwin - Tahaj the First - Lroneous - Ike Plump - Rome - Teffy Mcfly by Hippy Mobb on Smoke Filled Room (Solidarity Records) Local $ Buy
  24. Climb (feat. Xiomara, Produced by Baghead) by Professa Gabel on DropZone (Solidarity Records) Local $ Buy
  25. All in the Game (feat. Equipto & Mike Marshall) by Shag Nasty & DJ Pause on Underground Classics Mixtape (Solidarity Records) Local $ Buy
  26. Hall Of Mirrors (feat. Shag Nasty) by J Duce on City Of Fog (Solidarity Records) Local $ Buy
  27. Rappers by BORED STIFF on Ghetto Research (Lifelines Publishing, Soul Note Records) Local $ Buy
  28. My Definition by P-Way on FROM ALL ANGLES (Lifelines Publishing, Soul Note Records) Local $ Buy
  29. 415 by Rome & Da Robba on Solid City (Solidarity Records) Local $ Buy
  30. State of the Art by BORED STIFF on Timeless EP (Hella Records) Local $ Buy
  31. @ a distance (feat. Kelioso) by BORED STIFF on The Sad Truth (Bored Stiff Entertainment) Local $ Buy
  32. Conspiracy Theory by BORED STIFF on Conspiracy Theory - Single (Solidarity Records) Local $ Buy
  33. Dreams got the best of me (w/ Shag Nasty & White Mic) by Z-Man & Tahaj The First on The Flea Circus (Solidarity Records) Local $ Buy