Episode 97: Solidarity Records and Bored Stiff Tribute

Bored Stiff (aka B.S. or The Stiff) was formed in 1992 in the Fillmore / Lower Haight Street area of San Francisco. Its members include Equipto, Big Shawn, TD Camp, Mint Rock, White Mic (Brussel Sprouts), Dubstar (Rick Flare), P-Way, Ike Plump, Julz, and more.  They released two classic EPs, "Explainin” in 1995, & "Timeless"in 1997.  Member JoJo White was tragically killed in 1996.  After releasing "Ghetto Research" in 2001, the albums that followed ("From The Ground Up" , "The Sad Truth" , & "Now more than Ever") featured a revolving roster of the core members but they have always valued strong stage presence, dope beats & fun, energetic, conscious lyrics about everyday life.  Many of Bored Stiff's members have released solo material since 2009.

Dregs one is directing a documentary about the group entitled "Sounds Like My Life"

Bored Stiff (bandcamp / facebook)

Solidarity Records was started in the 90s and reformed by Equipto and has released music from Bored Stiff and its members as well as many other Bay Area Hip-Hop artists.

Solidarity Records (bandcamp / facebook / instagram)


  1. Yes Yes Yes by Hippy Mob on Yes Yes Yes - Single (Solidarity Records) Local
  2. Philips by Bean One on Beat Scientific / Instrumental Album (Solidarity Records) Local
  3. Bonus by Aukwin on The Aukthentic Album (Solidarity Records) Local
  4. Monster Marathon by Solidarity Records on Monster Marathon (Solidarity Records) Local
  5. RIZE & FALL (feat. White Mic & Equipto) by Agentstrik9 on Word Sound Power (Solidarity Records) Local
  6. I Know by TD Camp on SoundWave Sanctuary / Instrumental Album (Solidarity Records) Local
  7. The Tree by The Peoples Tree on Treedom EP (Solidarity Records) Local
  8. Explainin by BORED STIFF on Explainin (Hella Records) Local
  9. Champagne Room (feat. Berner & J. Stalin) by Equipto on Champagne Room (feat. Berner & J. Stalin) - Single (Solidarity Records) Local
  10. Recess by Sinestro Enigma on The Gold Standard Vol One Loud Noise (Solidarity Records) Local
  11. Frisco Funk by Equipto on The Upkeep (Solidarity Records) Local
  12. Deadline by Equipto, P.W.Esquire & F.D.O.G on Solid Mixtape Vol. 1 (Solidarity Records) Local
  13. I wanna be Happy (feat. Mike Marshall) by BORED STIFF on I wanna be Happy (feat. Mike Marshall) - Single (Self-Released) Local
  14. Posta Sound by BORED STIFF on Now More Than Ever (Self-Released) Local
  15. Change (feat. Dubstar) by Mint Rock on Mint Rock (The City Records, Rockavelli Publishing) Local
  16. Home Base by Professor X on What We Love / Instrumental Album (Solidarity Records) Local
  17. Off the Pacific (feat. Casual & San Quinn) by TD Camp on Face to Face (Hella Records) Local
  18. If it wasn't for the love by BORED STIFF on Rethink Everything (Compilation Presented by Brussel Sprouts) (Self-Released) Local
  19. Uni-verse (feat. PW Esquire) by Big Shawn on Spaceship Music (Self-Released) Local
  20. S.F Minds by P.W. Esquire on The Real High Life (Solidarity Records) Local
  21. Livin Right (feat. Z-Man & Otayo Dubb) by BORED STIFF on From The Ground Up (Hella Records) Local
  22. Spittin' by Equipto, Z-Man, Opio & Tabb Doe on Profound Compilation (Solidarity Records) Local
  23. Smoke Filled Remicks - Aukwin - Tahaj the First - Lroneous - Ike Plump - Rome - Teffy Mcfly by Hippy Mobb on Smoke Filled Room (Solidarity Records) Local
  24. Climb (feat. Xiomara, Produced by Baghead) by Professa Gabel on DropZone (Solidarity Records) Local
  25. All in the Game (feat. Equipto & Mike Marshall) by Shag Nasty & DJ Pause on Underground Classics Mixtape (Solidarity Records) Local
  26. Hall Of Mirrors (feat. Shag Nasty) by J Duce on City Of Fog (Solidarity Records) Local
  27. Rappers by BORED STIFF on Ghetto Research (Lifelines Publishing, Soul Note Records) Local
  28. My Definition by P-Way on FROM ALL ANGLES (Lifelines Publishing, Soul Note Records) Local
  29. 415 by Rome & Da Robba on Solid City (Solidarity Records) Local
  30. State of the Art by BORED STIFF on Timeless EP (Hella Records) Local
  31. @ a distance (feat. Kelioso) by BORED STIFF on The Sad Truth (Bored Stiff Entertainment) Local
  32. Conspiracy Theory by BORED STIFF on Conspiracy Theory - Single (Solidarity Records) Local
  33. Dreams got the best of me (w/ Shag Nasty & White Mic) by Z-Man & Tahaj The First on The Flea Circus (Solidarity Records) Local