1. Quemar Las Naves by Moham Saz on Quemar Las Naves (Mock)
  2. Discotecas by Airbag (Sonido Muchacho)
  3. Borderline by Kaz Mirblouk on Careless by Contrast (Mock)
  4. Awkward Fuzz by Bellhop on A Long Time Alone 2 (Blow Blood)
  5. Heart of Gold by Field Mouse on 2020 Topshelf Label Sampler (Topshelf)
  6. High Noon on the Gold Plain by The Berries on High Noon on the Gold Plain (Self Released)
  7. I Want to Lie by Henrik Appel on Humanity (PNKSLM)
  8. Highs and Lows by L'Resorts on L'Resorts (Self Released)
  9. New Neighbour by U.S. Highball on Up to High Doe (Lame-O)
  10. Heavy Hearts by Hater on You Tried (PNKSLM)
  11. No hacen uno by SanIsidro on a lo pesau, a lo bajo y a lo llano (Slovenly)
  12. Too Cold to Hold by Bass Drum of Death on Too Cold to Hold / Wait (Muscle Beach)
  13. White Lies by War on Women on Wonderful Hel (Bridge Nine)
  14. Where Have All the Good Times Gone by The Cinks on Covid Clasics (Kennel Jitters)
  15. Moment in the Sun by Sunflower Bean on Moment in the Sun (Mom+Pop)
  16. Sweet Machine by Wild Wild Wets on The Machines EP (Self Released)
  17. Rock N Roll Heart by TB Ridge as the Director on Rock N Roll Heart (Anti-Fade)
  18. Malcomer by Antonioni (Self Released)
  19. Catch a Fade by Nothing on The Great Dismal (Relapse)
  20. Enough by No Thank You on Embroidered Foliage (Lame-O)
  21. Temper by Petrov on Flower Bed (Self Aware)
  22. bad decisions by The Ovens on distance (Self Released)
  23. High in the Rain by Send Medicine on Second Biggest Fan​/​High in the Rain (Self Released)
  24. Cups by Alexia Aina on 2020 Topshelf Label Sampler (Topshelf)
  25. Dead Cat by MILT on A Long Time Alone 2 (Blow Blood)
  26. Ghost in the Record Store by The Exbats on Revolution All the Time Plus Size (Self Released)
  27. Connect the Dots by beastii on Connect the Dots (Self Released)
  28. Ichor by Turn to Crime on Goety (Self Released)
  29. In the Desert in the West by Alpha Hopper on Alpha Hex Index (Hex)
  30. Pódium by Pódium on Pódium (Slovenly)
  31. See Yourself by USA Nails on Character Stop (Hex)
  32. Heart of Gold by TV Freaks on PEOPLE (Schizophrenic)
  33. Safe Now by Sweeping Promises on Hunger for a Way Out (Feel It)
  34. Colze a colze by Accidente on Caníbal (Self-Released)