Tuff Signals


  1. The Sound of Sunlight on Snow by Hatrabbits on Cognitive Dissidents (Rad Girlfriend)
  2. Secret Ships by Bleach Party on Secret Ships (Self Released)
  3. Brighter Then by Real Numbers on Brighter Thaen (Slumberland)
  4. Farmlake by Vampire Boy? on Canal St. (American Buffalo Recordings)
  5. Glass and Chairs by Grass Jew on Germs (Self Released)
  6. Progress by Yung on Ongoing Dispute (PNKSLM)
  7. Stupid Nothing by The Prissteens on Our Voltage (Girlsville)
  8. Blood On Your Boots by Osees on Be Gay, Do Crime! (Girlsville)
  9. Garbageman by Dirty Fences on Garbageman S/W Sometime Sunshine (Self Released)
  10. Cling Wrap by Smarts on Who Needs Smarts, Anyway? (Feel It Records)
  11. Love It Grows by Heather Trost on Petrichor (Third Man Records)
  12. Milk Bird Flyer by Ty Segall (Drag City Records)
  13. The Chives Buy Guns by The Chives on The Chives (Super Wimpy Punch)
  14. My Love, the Dark, and I by David Nance on Staunch Honey (Trouble in Mind)
  15. Humming by Holiday Music on Certified Alignments (Super Wimpy Punch)
  16. Silence by Galore on Galore (Rocks in Your Head)
  17. Peckerwood Nero by Mystic Inane on Natural Beauty EP (Cleta Patra)
  18. Radiant Eye by Civic on Radiant Eye (Flightless)
  19. Am I Something by Cloud Nothings on The Shadows I Remember (Carpark)
  20. Veil of Gauze by Star Party on Demo 2020 (Feel It Records)
  21. Pristine by Marietta on Cream Team EP (Self Released)
  22. Distraction by Sean Thompson's Weird Ears on Weird Ears for Weird Times 2 (Self Released)
  23. Cooler Returns by Kiwi Jr. on Cooler Returns (Sub Pop)
  24. Who You Are by CASTLEBEAT on Melodrama (Spirit Goth Records)
  25. Any Junkyard Dreams by Chronophage on The Pig Kiss'd (Clea Patre)
  26. BFF by Litige on En Eaux Troubles (Destructure)
  27. L'Espirit de la Teuf by URSA on L'Esprit de la Teuf (Future Folklore)
  28. L'Espirit de la Teuf by URSA on L'Esprit de la Teuf (Future Folklore)
  29. L'Espirit de la Teuf by URSA on L'Esprit de la Teuf (Future Folklore)
  30. The One, The First by Radical Kitten on Silence Is Violence (Hidden Bay)
  31. The Sadness Will Last Forever by She/Beast on In The Depths of Misery (PNKSLM)
  32. That Dream (Shitty Beach) by Magik Markers on 2020 (Drag City)
  33. Putty by Purple Wizard on Power of Love (Girlsville)
  34. Cheap Thrills by Dream Wife on IRL (Live in London 2020) (Lucky Number)
  35. Drags Me Down by Bee Bee Sea on Day Ripe (Self Released)
  36. Ghost In The Cove by The Maxines on Our Voltage (Girlsville)