Episode 001 - Alarm Clock (Repeat)



I get it. I didn't do those deep space missions for my health, I did it for country. And for mankind. So now I'm quite resolved to get you the information that you need to fight on. Whether you're hanging with us in Free California or behind enemy lines you'll find a safe harbor with Foxx.

Things to do this week for the revolution:

Consider contributing to these fine soldiers of the resistance-




Get your mind right-


Get your body right-


Get your drink right-


We'll make change and win.



  1. Hello America by Def Leppard on On Through The Night (IMA-Sound)
  2. The American Ruse by MC5 on The Big Bang! Best Of The MC5 (Ripped by Bubanee)
  3. Strange Days by The Doors on Strange Days (Arista)
  4. Let's Have a War by Fear on Fear
  5. Race War by Ice T on xxx
  6. Ugliness by Iggy Pop on Beat Em Up
  7. Revolution by The Nerv on Trust in Fire
  8. Violent School by Dead Milkmen on Big Lizard in My Backyard
  9. Time Bomb by Ramones on Weird Tales Of The Ramones
  10. Guerilla Radio by Rage Against The Machine on The Battle Of Los Angeles (na)
  11. Nazi Punks Fuck Off! by Dead Kennedys on Original Singles Collection Box Set
  12. Reagan by Killer Mike
  13. Cult of Personality by Living Colour on xxx (Epic)
  14. Fuck The System (Demo) by System of a Down on xxx