Which Witch is Which with Baqvas

Today's show is all about witchouse, witchouse inspired/influenced tracks, and similar genres. Normally, I do this show every October, but since this October was pretty spooky with the election, I'm doing it today!

Get ready to reminisce to this sound / give yourself over to the dark synths if you've never heard them before.

Notable Links:

White Ring's Eternia Music Video

Red Bull: Whatever happened to witch house?

HEALTH's Cyberpunk 2.02.0 Music Video

SALEM's Red River Music Video

Bandcamp: Mr. Kitty

Bandcamp: Pictureplane


Bandcamp: Aurat


  1. King Night by Salem on King Night (Iamsound Records)
  2. Icarus by BLVCK CEILING (Self Released)
  3. White Ring - Eternia (KEXP Session) by White Ring (Self Released)
  4. Salt by CRIM3S on Crim3s (Black Bus Records)
  5. basil by BLVCK CEILING on RITUAL (Self Released)
  6. Red River by SALEM on Red River (Self Released) New
  7. HARD TO BE A GOD by HEALTH on DISCO4 :: PART I (Loma Vista Recordings) New
  8. Still Frozen by BLVCK CEILING on SMOKED (Self Released)
  9. 0% Angel by Mr. Kitty on EPHEMERAL (Negative Gain Productions)
  10. Avalanche by PICTUREPLANE on Dopamine (100% Electronica)
  11. Nation Under Creep by NGHTCRWLR on Let The Children Scream (DERO Arcade)
  12. HEALTH CYBERPUNK by HEALTH on DISCO4 :: PART I (Loma Vista Recordings) New
  13. Wada by Aurat (Self Released) New