Ep 153: "Last Exit"

May everyone have peaceful and safe new year, please support those in need in our community. If you need help, take the step of asking those who love you for support-- including me! iluvmondaysbfffm@gmail.com

Today I'm supporting Rogers & Rosewater, bringing hot homemade meals to those facing homelessness and hunger in the streets of Oakland every Wednesday night: https://www.rogersandrosewater.org/

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  1. If the Ceiling Were a Kite by April Magazine on Parade (self released) Local
  2. Happy Xmas (War is Over) by Healing Potpourri & Friends (self released) Local
  3. Wind Chaser by Dougie Stu on Familiar Future (Ropeadope) Local
  4. Sirius by The Balmer Series on Sublimatum (self released) Local
  5. Haunted by Michael O. on Power's Out (Fruits & Flowers) Local
  6. Only a Northern Song by The Beatles on Yellow Submarine Soundtrack (EMI)
  7. Before Sunrise by Rays on You Can Get There From Here (Trouble in Mind) Local
  8. Life Before Thought by David Novick on Before the Dream (self released) Local
  9. My Favorite Things by Blades of Joy on MMXXXMAS (self released) Local
  10. Lucky Star by Burner Herzog on Big Love (Paisley Shirt) Local
  11. Break
  12. Sketching by Flora Flora (self released) Local
  13. To the Boy I Jumped in the Hemlock Alley by White Fence on Cyclops Reap (Castle Face) Local
  14. Close to Home by Jonathan Deathrich (self released)
  15. Heaven Must Have Sent You (12 by Bonnie Pointer (Motown) Local