1. Standards of Decency by Aaron Troyer on Trappings of a Golden Myth (No Coast)
  2. Painted girl's theme by Weatherday on Come in (Topshelf)
  3. Blue with You by Sleeping Bag on Rough Ones (Self Released)
  4. The Burden by Twin Foxes on Broken Bell (Midnight Werewolf)
  5. Diamond by Empty Country on Empty Country (Get Better)
  6. Ferry by Moontype on Ferry (Born Yesterday)
  7. Reservoir by Squitch on Learn to Be Alone (Self Released)
  8. Good For You by Fruit Juice (Self Released)
  9. Street Lights by Nanami Ozone & Friendless Summer on Nanami Ozone & Friendless Summer (Self Released)
  10. Chelsea by Editrix on Tell Me I'm Bad (Exploding In Sound)
  11. Dress the Part by Spodee Boy (Goodbye Boozy)
  12. Painted Roses by Clarke and the Himselfs on Mimesis and Alterity (Self Released)
  13. Darling by Real Numbers on Brighter Then (Slumberland)
  14. Blind Melon by Ostraaly (subgroup)
  15. B. F. F. S. by Hollywood Makeout on Skinny Dippin' Scorpion (Self Released)
  16. Waves by Airstream Futures on Le Feu Et Le Sable (Little Rocket)
  17. Spiders by Reckling (Self Released)
  18. Ode to Space Lady by Harper's Jar on Ode to Space Lady (Self Released)
  19. Invisible by Staring Problem on Eclipse (Modern Tapes)
  20. Make Kin by Nightshift on Zöe (Trouble In Mind)
  21. Billionaire Garbage Bum by Th Da Freak & Friends on Party Flub (Self Released)
  22. Un Jour ou L'Autre by Juniore on Tes cheveux & Un jour ou l'autre (La Phonographe)
  23. Gwir by Tacsidermi (Libertino)
  24. Safe In A Dream by Lean Logic on Safe In A Dream (O Genesis Recordings)
  25. Teeth in Their Head by Full Sun on 2020 Singles (Self Released)
  26. Eternal Clarity by Hyper Tensions (Self Released)
  27. Dance to the Beat by Silicone Praire on My Life on the Silicone Prairie (Feel It)
  28. no queen by Astute Palate on Astute Palate (Self Released)
  29. Agathist Arm Meat by EIEIO on Gentle Spaniels (Self Released)
  30. Yell at the Moon by Meat Wave on Yell at the Moon (Self Released)
  31. Never by Tele Novella on Merlynn Belle (Kill Rock Stars)
  32. Fifteen by La Dispute on Fifteen (Self Released)
  33. Soft Friction by Starship Infinity on Stranger in My Mind EP (Self Released)
  34. Blu Ray Saturday by CMON (Looking Glass)
  35. Verfredungseffekt by Peel Dream Magazine on Moral Panics (Slumberland)