1. Don't Look Back by The Molochs (Innovative Leisure)
  2. Strange Time by Jacob Barber on Loving Friends (Self Released)
  3. Legwork by Warm Red on Decades of Breakfast (Self Released)
  4. Tennis (I Feel OK) by Gum Country on Gum Country (Lollipop)
  5. The Body by Keel Her on The Body (Self Released)
  6. Silly And Self-Destructive by Modern Hut on I Don't Want To Get Adjusted To This World (Don Giovanni)
  7. Glen Echo by AZITA on Glen Echo (Drag City)
  8. bottleneck blues by the cradle on walking with the moon (Self Released)
  9. No Stranger To Life by Rat Columns on Pacific Kiss (Tough Love)
  10. Michaelangelo by Cassandra Jenkins on An Overview on Phenomenal Nature (Badabing)
  11. Dark Ages by Digital Leather on New Wave Gold (No Coast)
  12. Fade by Eye Tide on Wrecked Beach (Self Released)
  13. Man Made by Lean Logic on Safe In A Dream (O Genesis)
  14. Tear Ducks by Osees on Weirdo Hairdo (CastleFace)
  15. Oversimplification by Modern Cynics on Auditory Postcards (Dirt Cult)
  16. Gwir by Tacsidermi (Libertino)
  17. So Free by Aaron Troyer on Trappings of a Golden Myth (No Coast)
  18. Night Star by Squitch on Learn to Be Alone (Self Released)
  19. 6 Years Old by Twin Foxes on Broken Bell (Midnight Werewolf)
  20. Heat Wave by Gulfer on Gulfer (Topshelf)
  21. Burning Bright by The Stroppies on Look Alive! (Tough Love)
  22. Leslie Plain and Strong by Calyx on Stay Gone (Salinas)
  23. Betty Ford James by The Martha's Vineyard Ferries on Suns Out Guns Out (Ernest Jenning)
  24. Each Other by Public Practice on Gentle Grip (Wharf Cat)
  25. no call list by gladie on raw nerve (Self Released)
  26. Fluidity Of Time by Permanent Collection on Big Breath EP (Self Released)
  27. Love Angel by Cryogeyser on Love is Land (Terrible)
  28. City of My Own by Susan on As I Was LP (Volar)
  29. Under the Wires by Pottery on Welcome to Bobby's Motel (Partisan)
  30. Rock'n'Roll Will Take Its Toll by Zero Boys on Hollywood 10" (Let's Pretend)
  31. Astral by PRIORS on MY PUNISHMENT ON EARTH (Braingum)
  32. Slow Burn by Fox Face on End of Man (Dirtnap)
  33. a little proof by Astute Palate on Astute Palate (Self Released)
  34. Yell at the Moon by Meat Wave on Yell at the Moon (Self Released)
  35. Will Not Go Home by Hollywood Makeout on Skinny Dippin' Scorpion (Self Released)