Jan 9, Shelter In Place Week 42


  1. Mellon Collie by Macdonald Duck Eclair on このときめき今すぐ (Marguerite Music)
  2. Painty Paint Pots by 800 Cherries on Romantico (March Records)
  3. Sketch For Dawn (I) by The Durutti Column on LC (London Music Stream)
  4. Seaside Weekend by Antena on Camino Del Sol (Numero Group)
  5. Distant Ships by Rose Melberg on Distant Ships (Kingfisher Bluez)
  6. I've Agreed To Something I Shouldn't Have by Fosca on The Kids At The Club: An Indiepop Compilation (How Does It Feel To Be Loved)
  7. rbbts by Kate Davis on Trophy (Solitaire Recordings)
  8. Tears In The Typing Pool by Broadcast on Tender Buttons (Warp Records)
  9. Paper Fog by Corey Hanson on Paper Fog (Drag City)
  10. Not Your Prey by Squirrel Flower on Contact Sports (2000 Pigs)
  11. Train Not Stopping by Harper Lee on Everything's Going To Be OK (Matinee)
  12. Dear Morrissey by The Felt Tips on Living and Growing (Plastilina Records)
  13. Promises, Promises by Pocketbooks on Carousel (Odd Box)
  14. Atta Girl by Heavenly on Atta Girl (Sarah)
  15. I'm On Fire by Electrelane on On Parade (Too Pure)
  16. Friday I'm In Love by Glo-Worm on Glimmer (K Records)