Jan 16, Shelter In Place Week 43


  1. London Calling by The Clash on London Calling (Sony)
  2. Strange Overtones by David Byrne, Brian Eno on Everything That Happens Will Happen Today (Todomundo)
  3. Waterfalls by TLC on Crazysexycool (LaFace)
  4. Jennifer by Eurythmics on Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) (Sony)
  5. A Dream Of You And Me by Future Islands on Singles (4AD)
  6. La Salles des Pas Perdus by Monade on A Few Steps More (Too Pure Records)
  7. meperd0nas? by shego on meperd0nas? (nos estamos desmayando)
  8. Amigos Para Nunca (confía y te la lían) by Aiko el Grupo on Amigos Para Nunca (confía y te la lían) (Elefant) New
  9. Celebrate the Void by Sebadoh on Act Surprised (Dangerbird)
  10. Love Me When I Go To Sleep by Steady Holiday on Love Me When I Go To Sleep (Self Released)
  11. Take Off Ur Pants by Indigo De Souza on I Love My Mom (Sub-Fi)
  12. Modern Pressure by Daniel Romano on Modern Pressure (New West)
  13. It's Alright, Baby by Komeda on What Makes It Go? (MNW Music AB)
  14. Scarborough Fair by Daisy The Great on Scarborough Fair (Better Company)
  15. Al Sur by The Notwist, Juana Molina on Al Sur (Morr Music) New
  16. Throw Out by The Original Crooks and Nannies on Ugly Laugh (Self Released)
  17. Snow by P:ano on Brigadoon (Acuarela)